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My mum was duagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in January 2022. It is in her lung, spine and hip. Her treatment so far has kept the tumours stable.  I'm not very medical but she has a drug that suppresses estrogen. Her most recent scan has shown all current tumours are stable but it has uncovered a thickening in her remaining breast. We are seeing the consultant on Thursday. I am absolutely terrified. I am trying so hard to remain positive but its so hard.  

I had started thinking that hopefully my mum would be with us for many years to come due to her cancer being slow growing and the treatment so far keeping things stable. I'm now thinking the worst again. I can't help it.  What does this mean? It must be a different cancer to the rest otherwise it wouldn't have grown, right? I wish I could stop my mind thinking the worse.  She will hopefully be fine and they will just tweak her treatment??? Cancer sucks 

  • Hello Donna2205

    I am sorry to hear about Mum's breast cancer diagnosis in January last year. It is reassuring to hear that the medication she has been taking to block oestrogen has helped to keep her current tumours stable. 

    It must have come as a shock to find out from the most recent scan that there is a thickening in her other breast. I can understand how frightening this is for you both. 

    I know it is hard not to fear the worst but the appointment on Thursday will be a good opportunity to talk to Mum's consultant and to find out more about what is going on. It may or may not be connected to Mum's original cancer but if it is then they have picked up on it early which is better.

    I hope that Thursday goes well and gives you both time to find out a bit more. Please do let us know how Mum gets on. In the meantime if talking it through would help then maybe think about giving the Support Line a call. The number is below.



    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm