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I was having dental treatment when i was originally diagnosed with breast cancer, i stopped the tredtment as i had four ops, chemo and radio znd just had enough going on. This year i reztarted the dental  treattreatment however it was a different dentist who re did a treatment plan, she then legf and the plan was changed again. Iv been going regularly as there was a lot of work recommended all very costly. So far paid aroud £1800.

Iv since beeen diagnosed with secondary cancer in my spine and lower back. One of the treatments beginning with d requires all dental work to be done. My worry is the cost, iv only had one appointment a month as it cost about 200 to 300 each time. Equally i hate going ontop of all my other appointments. I couldn't get an nhs dentist and am on a private type plan. Does anyone know if i could get any help with the costs? I dont eant this to delay important treatment

Thanks and best wishes.