MBC diagnosed July 2021- STARTED CAPECITABINE 10 days ago.

Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone else had to come off Capecitabine quite quickly. Unfortunately I suffered cardiotoxicity!! I had two angina attacks within 5 days of starting the treatment. It’s quite uncommon. I’ve been on Ibrance before this which failed as my tumour marker levels increased and a new tumour was detected in my liver. What treatment is available now? 
I am pretty worried about everything as you can imagine! 

  • I had paclitaxel weekly for 15 rounds and it reduced my tumours (lung, liver, bone) by a lot. I had a 9 month break to recover from side effects and now about to start Capecitabine as things are progressing. I initially had ibrance and fulvestrant and it didn't touch the tumours.

  • Capecitabine stopped working after just 5 months. Before that I had Palbociclib, then Everolimus but none worked. I am now on Taxol for as long as my body can take it. Not sure what's available after that. Have you had Palbo or Everolimus yet? They might work well for you and they were both tolerable. Good luck!

  • Thank you for your reply. I start on Everolimus tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll get on well with it, fingers crossed! 

  • Good luck on the Capecitabine, I’m sure you’ll do well on it Thumbsup tone1