Newly diagnosed with secondary mets in liver and spine

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Hello everyone

I had primary breast 8 years ago and have been really well since then . In January 2022 , I was diagnosed with PMP as well ....a rare cancer of the appendix and apparently not linked . Since then during routine scans, my oncology team think I have mets from my breast to my liver and my spine .

 My frustration is that the two hospitals I am involved with for the 2 different cancers do not communicate and disagree about the diagnosis of mets ,especially the lesion in my liver .I now have to have a liver biopsy to determine who is right . I am struggling to manage the emotions of all this.

Has anyone else had a liver biopsy ? What are peoples experiences of treatments gor secondary mets ? My PMP is stage 4 . 

  • Hi Myrasgirl,

    Sorry to hear all this is happening to you.

    My wife has mets in her spine and liver as well. The liver biopsy was a bit uncomfortable apparently, but they do give you meds to help. She has to stay lying down for several hours afterwards, that was in case the liver bled. For a few days afterwards she said it was sore, but she has strong pain meds (Oramorph) and they took care of the pain.

    The biopsy should be able to tell them if it's cancer, and if so, all the markers etc.

    Treatment depends on the markers. Some HR+ HER2- ladies are still on their first line of therapy (usually just pills to take) 10, 20 years later with their cancer under control, so try to stay positive!

  • I am sorry you have these complications and are being passed from pillar to post. I had a lesion on my liver (a secondary from my breast cancer) treated through microwave ablation last December. They took a biopsy sample as part of that process. My procedure was done under general anaesthetic and I had to lie down for 6 hours afterwards. I was quite uncomfortable for a few days and have a numb skin patch where the probe went in. The biopsy confirmed it was TNBC, same as my primary. I think I was eligible for the ablation because it was my only secondary and was quite small. 

  • Thankyou for your reply, I hope your wife is doing well . I think its the uncertainty that causes anxiety. Once I know what I m facing,things will feel better I m sure x I ve had my date...its on Tuesday next week and I have to stay in hospital for the day x 

  • Thanks for your reply x Its reassiring to know thst there are treatments out there x I ll hopefully be more positive once I get the definitive answers xx 

    Stsy wel xx