Anyone on this for secondary breast cancer in sternum?

  • Hi Spicegirl, I  developed secondary cancer in the Sternum about 4 years 6 months after a lumpectomy. That was about 3 years ago. If I  can help ease any of your worries let me know.

  • My wife is on Denosumab. No real side effects, but make sure you have a dental check up and any necessary work done before you start.

  • Sorry to hear you have secondary cancer. I was diagnosed with sternum cancer 2.5 years ago and treatment of radiotherapy, Fulvestrant and Palbociclib have not stropped it spreading so they want to put me in denosumab and capecitabine, but am more worried about the side effects and my quality of life. At present my pain level is 5/10 which I can tolerate and my cancer has not spread anywhere else but it seems to like nibbling at my sternum. I’m in two minds as to take the treatment or not so need all the knowledge I can get to make an informed decision. Hope you’re ok x

  • Hi again, it seems I'm at a similar point to you. I've been offered capecitabine but am reluctant to go ahead after having a bad reaction to exemestane which I only tolerated for 2 months. Unlike you I'm not in much pain but I'd rather have quality of life. At the moment I  manage to get out and I don't fancy being stuck in bed until I have to. My Cancer has spread to my liver. I'm on no treatment at the moment but need to discuss it more thoroughly with my Oncologist on the 5th April as I wasn't well enough at my last appointment. I'm sorry I know it's not much help with your decision. Take care

  • Thank you for answering, it does help a lot, knowledge is king and we need all the information we can get to make the right informed decision for us as it’s our bodies and we are in charge. It would be lovely if someone or something could tell us this is the right path to go down, don’t worry you’ll be fine, but unfortunately that doesn’t exist. Have a good day and let’s hope when Spring comes it brings some sunshine :-).

  • Hi Spicegirl, I  forgot to mention I've been on Denosumab for about 2 years and have had no side effects but as BoobyCancer says you need to look after your teeth as once you start the treatment a dentist would be reluctant to take a tooth out. Good luck with your decision.

  • Well this is good news thank you for sharing this helps so much x

  • Hi there, I have been in Denosumab for my years, and no real side effects. I've also been on Palbo and Capecitabine, both relatively well tolerated but (with capecitabine, I got bad hand and foot syndrome) , but they stopped working, so now on Fulvestrant and Everolimus. Fingers crossed.