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Hi, I know this seems trivial given our diagnosis but I’m desperate for a proper holiday and was looking at USA.   I’ve looked into travel insurance and it’s in the thousands cheapest bring £1500!   It seem extortionate.  Can anyone recommend an insurance company please.  Thanks Ali

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    i have used Insurancewith which were the only people who would cover me. 
    hood luck

  • I have just been contacting insurance companies for my holiday in a dew weeks, I found InsureWith to be the best both for obtaining a quote and price. Due to my diagnosis one of there underwriters had to call me to go through some questions, but this was done by a very knowledgeable lady, who actually understood my diagnosis and treatments. They also gave me the best price too. By far the best experience that I have encountered, some wouldn't even give me a quote as I was still having chemo, which I knew would be completed by the time  took my holiday