Chemo side effects

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Has anyone found that folds you usually love are grossing you out to even look at? 

Also my tummy is off. A little bit of tummy pain or growling?


  • Hi Kas couple of things that helped me. Don’t eat anything you  particularly like on chemo days. First cycle I had spag Bol which I love and it put me off it for months. After that I just had something like soup and sandwiches on chemo days. As chemo went on and I had a metallic taste in my mouth I went for strong flavours when I wanted to enjoy a meal. Favourites were curries I also enjoyed salads and a fairly sharp apple crumble with Greek yogurt all the way through. Good luck with the chemo, take care of yourself Lyn

  • My wife hasn't touched BBQ shredded pork since she ate it on chemo. It was one her favourite foods before!

    Stick to stuff you wouldn't mind not eating again (or drinking for that matter).

  • Thank you both. I had this same chemo last year but this time round it’s different. I’ve just had a week off and start the next round tomorrow so I can’t understand why I’m feeling like this. I have the salty taste just after each dose and haven’t got it at the mo. Just had salmon, jacket and veg which I’d usually wolf down. The smell of the chilli salmon and potato made me feel sick. I managed some of it but im

    just wasting good food. I’m not ready for complans yet. I’m hoping the new anti sickness tablets im picking up tomorrow will help. My plain veg and jacket isn’t doing it for sure. It’s just adding more stress.


  • Hi Kas,

    I am on Paclitaxec. Some types of chemo can upset the normal gut flora resulting in indigestion, tummy pain, bloating, constipation and general discomfort. I am following the regime provided by the oncology nurses to take up to 4 omeprazole daily before meals and up to 4 metoclopramide as well daily, if required. My oncologist has also prescribed ondansatron if required which is great but so far I have only taken one. I find that if I can manage the symptoms with omeprazole and metoclopramide before meals. I am also taking a prebiotic capsule and four tablespoons natural yoghurt daily which helps. 

  • Turns out I had a gut infection and ended up in hospital on an iv antibiotics drip. That’s passed now thank god but I’m still off some foods and only have small meals. I take the met and om already and have been prescribed the ondansatron. They do help for sure. I think my immune system has been hit so hard with two infections in 8 weeks that it’s def effected my gut. Also I’ve pulled my stomach muscles from gagging and wretching that the pain is horrendous. So down from it all. It wasn’t this hard last time on chemo.


  • So sorry you are having a tough time atm. Hoping it will soon be a distant memory! Hang on, it will pass. Muscle