Mastectomy and removal of lymph nodes


Hope everyone is  managing :-)

Got my mastectomy next week along with the removal of some lymph nodes so will have a drain. 

Any suggestions for clothing - dont seem able to visualise?  Big T shirts? Button up shirts?  Short sleeves?

Mind has drawn a blank.

Thank you 

  • Go comfort…big baggy and easy to get on or off….people want to look all the time! Rofl

  • Hi Alison, when  I had my mastectomy and lymph nodes removed 15 years ago,  I relied on husbands loose shirts and tee shirts. 

    You wont want anything close fitting as your armpit will be tender, you will probably have seromas where the fluid builds up once the nodes are removed and your arm and shoulder will be sore so clothing with buttons down the front are perfect.

    Hope surgery goes well and you get the feeling of relief that it's gone when you wake up. Just be kind to yourself. Lots of love xx

  • Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words.  Its a scary time for everyone xxxx

  • Thank you for giving me a giggle Its so true Over the last year sometimes wonder if its worth putting a top on at all  Kissing heart

  • Hey Alison Slight smile

    Just seen this and wanted to say that I hope that your masectomy went well and that you're recovering!

    I'll be having a masectomy and lymph nodes removed next year at some point so would love to hear about your expereince and anything that you wish you had known going into it if you have any time and don't mind sharing!


  • Hi Georgina,

    Thank you - the surgery went well.  Dont mind sharing at all.  I was in and out in a day which I preferred  - glad to be home.

    My partner had the foresight to get a couple of recliners/gaming chairs which I was so pleased about as was nervous about going to bed and rolling over onto the drain or worse pulling it out.  The hospital provided a dolly bag to contain the drain which is much more dignified.

    The drain is in for around five days and the district nurse will need something like a jug or an old pan to empty it into - then the contents are flushed down the toilet.  Once that drain comes out you will feel so much better.Grinning Less like an invalid.

    Definitely loose button up shirts and short sleeves initially - easier to get your arms through.  

    Im now finding the heart shaped pillow which fits neatly under the arm  invaluable As well as making me more comfortable it feels comforting and protecting.

    Still sore but that's to be expected.  My bicep aches and I am keeping the arm moving as much as I am able.  No stretching of course.  

    May sound daft but when the district nurse was changing the dressing it felt weird I hadn't actually thought about the change in feeling due to the change in nerve endings.  Not painful just caught me off guard. 

    Still wearing the compression socks as they advise.  Have taken them off to wash them and my legs. Moisturise and then socks back on.  Will be pleased when I can leave them off.  Normally sleep in the nude.  Now it's a Thunderbirds top and compression socks Not such a good look LOL.

    Don't be worried to laugh or sneeze.

    The cocodamol may make you constipated so  foods containing fibre will be good to have in.  You need to self isolate three days before surgery so do a big shop and have takeaway menus handy Grinning 

    As with  things like this in life sometimes the thought is worse than the event. 

    Anything you want to ask, please just ask. 

    Take care Love Alison xxxx

  • Oh yes Just another thing You may feel very thirsty. Partner couldn't  keep up with the amount of sparking water I was drinking xxxx