I have just finished my first cycle of this with letrozole. Unfortunately my neutrophils have dropped to 0.69 so I have to delay treatment for a week. Is this a common response? I also kept falling on paclitaxel and stopped after nine cycles as it wasn’t actually working!

  • Hi there, I've been on palbociclib for a year and this month I've been dropped down to 100mg from 125mg, my neutrophils were usually low each month resulting in a longer break. After the lower dose my neuts this week were 1.5 on the first attempt!! Plus I'm noticing less fatigue and mouth ulcers, win win. It's been working well for me , I've scanxiety setting in, CT on Tues.. 

    Take care

    Jools xx

  • Thanks Jools; the BCN told me it is common not to make the cut, but it is reassuring to hear from a fellow traveller! A year sounds great! I avoided mouth ulcers on chemo ( though had just about everything else) by using chlorohexidine toothpaste. I hope palbo keeps working for you. Mx

  • I also take palbo and letrozole. I was reduced to 100 mg as my neuts were low and i got an infection along with sores in my mouth. Now I squeak  by with neuts at  like 1.04. My onc said a lower dose is better than having extra days off. Im one cycle 8 now and all my tumors are same or smaller. Thing is I feel so much better. Hang in there those first couple months i found very hard physically and mentally.

  • Thanks Wallwalker! I still have peripheral neuropathy from paclitaxel so don’t know if I would notice anything newJoy