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On letrozole for over a year and suddenly have extreme hand joint pain especially trigger thumb.does anyone else have this

  • Hi there I have been in Letrozole for over 2 years . I got tendonitis in my wrist and a frozen shoulder about 18 months in, can I ask have you changed your brand as that was what caused mine. Very difficult to stay with one brand but with lots of phoning round I do manage it. X

  • Hi I've been taking Latrozole for 7 weeks now, some pain in fingers. I have also been prescribed alendronic acid as bone density scan showed osteoporosis.  The side affects look awful, so haven't started them yet as going on holiday on Sunday and didn't want it spoilt after the last few testing months. Anyone else taking same together? Thanks 

  • Hi, have you changed brands? Some people do seem to report that different brands give different side effects, which seems strange I know, but I have read this a lot on here. I'd suggest if the pain continues, talking to your oncologist. Best wishes 

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