Second wide excision

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Hi I Didn’t get 100% clear margins on my first lumpectomy. 2 weeks ago

rather than do a mastectomy, my surgeon is doing another excision tomorrow. He’s- very  honestly - said he can’t be sure he’ll get clear margins but he thinks it’s worth another go

Problem is you can’t see the cancer in the operating theatre, only under biopsy afterwards 

anyone been in this boat and did they get clear margins on go 2? 

itll be mastectomy if he doesn’t this time I believe. 

I have 23mm ilc tumour and one node positive 

part of me wonders if I should just have the mastectomy. 

  • Am in the same boat have had lump removed had had pre cancer cells showing in biopsy waiting on a third time to see if clear if not they have said a mastectomy but giving myself a slim chance it works this time 

  • Hi C22, I am 71 and was also diagnosed with ILC. The tumour was estimated to be 15mm prior to wide local excision, but was 25mm on post operative biopsy. My surgeon was at a slight disadvantage as I declined the contrast dye MRI scan (complicated reason for this) which may have given her a little more information. l I had re-excision of left lateral margin. When I discussed with the surgeon whether I should opt for mastectomy she said she was reasonably confident in getting the margin the second time because the tumour had not travelled outside the margin, but rather it was close (but not close enough), I was node negative with no lympho-vascular invasion and grade 2. Re-excision was successful. I send my love and best wishes for tomorrow..

  • Thankyou so much

    annoyingly my surgeon said mine had gone right to the edge of the margin so it’s a bit more of a stab in the dark

    for what it’s worth I had an mri - didn’t avoid this though!!

    how did you find recovery from the 2nd go?

    hoping it’ll be easy?Fingers crossed

  • What treatment did you have afterwards?

    mine went to a node so I gave radio hormones and maybe chemotherapy subject to menopause status and oncotype 

  • Mine was an interesting pathway. The  recommendation was wide local excision, followed by radiotherapy followed by five years on Letrozole. But when I came to my oncology appointment I was shown the recent research from the Prime 2 clinical trial. I fitted the criteria ie: Over the age of 65, Tumour under 30mm, Grade 2, ER PR positive, HER2 Negative, Clear margins, Node negative and prepared to take Letrozole for 5 years. If I ticked all the those boxes (which I did) I could choose whether or not to have radiotherapy. I asked the oncologist what he would do. He said "I don't know." He could not influence me one way or another. I had to weigh up the risks of radiotherapy against the risk of local recurrence (0.9% with radiotherapy, 9.3% without radiotherapy). I started Letrozole 3 weeks ago and so far so good - not noticed anything at all regarding side effects. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!