Diagnosed on the phone

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Good Morning 

After scan, mammogram, marker, biopsy i was sent a letter saying benign looking (by sonographer), benign feeling (by consultant).  All good signs.  I was then given an "untimed telephone appointment " for biopsy results with a time stated on the letter. I assumed this meant untimed - no time limit to telephone call.  I also assumed a telephone call wouldn't mean bad news, no one would tell you had cancer over the phone right?

The phone never happened at the given time, I waited an hour, emailed Secretary and phoned Hospital to find out what was happening. I received a telephone call at 9pm from consultant to tell me I had early stage breast cancer.

I am so angry/disappointed/upset/surprised that a consultant would think it's OK to do this, what are your thoughts?

  • Hi MaryAnn15

    i am sorry that you were delivered your diagnosis in this way. It does seem remiss, and very insensitive, of the hospital to do that and I too would have been very upset had it happened to me. 
    would you consider asking to speak to a breast care nurse (as they are called at my treatment centre) - they are very focused on you as an individual, and how your diagnosis will be making you feel. 
    if you feel so inclined you could report your concern about how you were told to your hospital’s patient services.

    You can speak to someone at MacMillan on the phone if you would like to.

    i hope you get some information very soon about your treatment pathway, and that the hospital begins to support you properly.

    i am so sorry about your rubbish experience.