Poem about side effects

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I wrote this poem yesterday about the side effects of one of my supporting medications.  One of my friends suggested I share it on here for fellow sufferers. I hope this is allowed and that it doesn't cause offence in any way. Wishing you all well.  Xxxx

When you're home with your honey

But your bottom's really runny

It truly isn't very funny

'cos there's nothing you can do

You want to stroll in the sun 

Get a few house jobs done

Go out and about for some fun

But you can't get off the loo

All you can do is sit and wait

Hope the squits will soon abate

Play online Scrabble with your mate 

So you don't get too blue

It's getting better - I'm so pleased 

(though I still wouldn't risk a sneeze)

Chemo really ain't no breeze

But it's something I'll get through.