Looking for Mastectomy advice

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Hi I was diagnosed with grade 2 breast cancer a couple of months ago and the are doing a single mastectomy in less than 2 weeks.  Really I'm just after advice and tips so I know what I have in store during the op and recovery. Thanks 

  • Hello boomie

    I had grade 2 bc (2 lumps) thankfully caught early. The mastectomy op takes about an hour (my surgeon told me) and I was home that evening. A little sore in the morning but took paracetamol and ibuprofen which helped. You should be given some exercises to do, so start the next day. I was very apprehensive about the whole procedure but had so much support.  Take care

  • Hello Boomie,

    I had a single mastectomy 2 weeks ago. I found the pain/soreness was not nearly as bad as I was expecting. There is an uncomfortable-ness and you have to be careful, take time to rest, but I managed on just paracetamol for the first 10 days and then didn’t need any painkillers after that. 
    Good luck with your op xx

  • Hi

    You don't say whether you are having breast reconstruction.  I had a double mastectomy with implants.  I was sent home with drains which was a challenge but OK. 

    The exercises I was given were helpful and I used E45 to keep my skin supple. My oncology physio was briliant. I also invested in a good support bras.  I found amoena very good.  Guy's hospital had a shop in the cancer centre where these were sold.

    All the best