Pain under armpit after sentinel lymph node biopsy - anyone else had this?

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Hi all, 

I had a lymph node biopsy 10 days ago, wound has healed well but I have pain and what feels like a golf ball under my armpit. 

I didn't get any instructions of what to do or not do after surgery but I had a nurse check it 5 days ago and she seemed happy with it. 

Has anyone else had this? Is it normal? Any tips on pain control or keeping my arm off it? Should I put heat or cold on it? 

I'm popping paracetamol and Ibrofen when I can but doesn't help:(

I'm waiting for results but I can have my Mastectomy so super stressed too. 

Wishing you all love and strength Heart

Thank you Sarah xx

  • Hi Sarah2

    Sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with breast cancer.  It's not unusual to have pain under your arm after lymph node surgery. The golf ball sized lump is probably either scar tissue from the surgery or a seroma. I suggest that you give your breast care nurse and ask them to recommend a pain killer.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your mastectomy and with whatever further treatment your medical team put you on.

    Best wishes


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  • I have the same I found a soft cool rolled up T-shirt or similar (I put in fridge for a while) keeps it more comfortable it from the injury of having the biopsy and ousing body fluids anti inflammatHeartry will help the body obsorb if it gets too bad it can be drained but there’s always a risk of infection good luck with your op Heart

  • That's great thank you. I shall give that a try Heart

    Hope all goes well for you too x

  • Thank you Blush 

    I am hopefully seeing Dr again soon so maybe they can give me something Slight smile 

    Good luck with your journey too and thanks for responding x