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Hi new to this group and looking for help and advice for fatigue, was diagnosed with Her2 Breast Cancer Nov 2022, had Chemo, Lumpectomy, 2 Lymph Nodes removed, and 17 physio injections, finished treatments in Feb 2024, but now find myself suffering from fatigue with no energy, strength, and now at the stage where I feel really helpless, doctor not much help, have managed to get an appointment with the mental health nurse next week, and was wondering if anyone had any helpful tips to cope, apologies for the rant xx

  • Hi, that sounds tough and frustrating,  Have you had a chat with the lovely folks here at Macmillan?  They might have some ideas and you can call them on 0800 808 0000. Personally I find that a good walk helps me when I am feeling tired, though that seems contradictory, it really helps. Best wishes 

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  • I still struggle with fatigue. Diagnosed August 2020, chemotherapy, lumpectomy, radiotherapy and now in 5 years of hormone therapy. 

    It is very frustrating, but there are a few things I do to cope:

    I have a full time job but work from home most of the time (I know not everyone is lucky enough to be able to do this)

    I pace myself as I know I cannot do everything that I used to be able to in one day

    At least once a week, I am so tired that I need to have a nap at lunchtime, which I let myself do

    I make sure I don't have too many exhausting things close together

    I exercise, though I find running two days in a row can worsen joint and muscle pain, so I stick to 3 times a week as well as walking etc on other days

    I really struggled with sleeping and staying a sleep. Although still bad, it is much improved with the help of a low dose antidepressant and a fan next to the bed for the constant hot flushes throughout the night. The low dose AD also helped to get my mojo back a bit and feel a bit more like me. I was suffering from low mood and flashes of anger, both very out of character for me.

    I find the fatigue one of the most frustrating things, but I'm hoping it will go away once I've stopped the hormone therapy. I try to be kind to myself and on those days I really struggle, I allow myself to rest.

  • Yes, spoke to a lovely woman, who gave me some advice about talking to mental health, and speaking to doctors about my blood pressure, sha also sent me a brochure about fatigue, and told me to keep Sparkling heartdiary which I have started, have been trying to a bit more walking and pacing, thank you for your advice xxSparkling heart

  • Fatigue is frustrating, and have been trying to pace myself, but find it hard sometimes, as went through the same thing with Long COVID in 2021, but I can't seem to focus myself right now, not back at work, was hoping to get back next month but don't think I'm quite ready, as I work nightshift in an Asda Superstore, will speak to mental health, and see if they can help.

    Happy to hear that you're doing well, best wishes.

  • Hi, I’m glad you spoke to them, hope you get some help and feel a bit better soon

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  • Hello the kid,  Sorry you are dealing with this fatigue issue.  You really have been through so much and after reading about all your treatments it can take its toll. Great idea to talk with someone and post treatment fatigue is not uncommon so hopefully will get some pep in your step soon. I think as women we feel that once treatment is done we should be just like before but can take time to recover and heal emotionally too.  Pacing yourself and trying to gradually increase endurance should help you too.  
    Hugs to you.


  •    I was diagnosed Oct22. Treatment ended in Jan 24. 
    Since January I’ve managed to loose the 12 lbs of weight I gained from the steroids whilst on chemo by regularly going to the gym and I think this has also helped me with the fatigue but I’ve not been to the gym for this past 3 weeks due to work and being unwell and now I’m absolutely shattered this week.

    I can only deduce that exercising regularly must be helping me as I seem to have better energy when I’m going to the gym 4/5 times a week. I’m on Letrozole for 5 years and I assume this is also increasing my fatigue too. But I have to take it.  
    I have to go to bed early most nights around 8pm. Sleep early is my friend and I’m lucky that I can do that. 
    The fatigue is difficult to reconcile though. I can only hope as the years go by it will continue to improve over time. Fingers crossed

  •  In my first year, I felt I was just coming to terms with it all,  recovering from the shock and working out how to live again. 2nd year is better, but still get very tired. For me do long as I can do what I want some days I am happy. I guess it's normal to feel fatigue on the meds. What ever you can do to help yourself go for it. 

  • So pleased you have worked out how to grab your life back Addabitofsparkle. We are all part of this wonderful universe. I did roller skating 4 times thus week on holiday. At 67 it was revelatory to find I could still do it. Xx