Diep flap surgery

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Hi all. 

I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in june 2023. I have chemotherapy treatment from july till November followed by a lumpectomy and lymph node biopsy. Thankfully my lymph nodes were clear, however, blood test have revealed a faulty brca 2 gene so have now being told i need to have a double mastectomy and hysterectomy i have chosen to have diep flap surgery to reconstuct both breasts, i just wondered if anyone else on here has had this procedure done and could advise me on what to expect. My cancer nurse has been fantastic but obvioulsy not been through this so would like to hear someones first hand experience as as you can imagine im really anxious about this.


  • Hi Janelle77

    Sorry  to hear that you have the faulty  brca 2 gene.  While I can't advice you about the surgery you are going to have done as I haven't had it, I noticed that you haven't had any answers yet so I thought I'd reply to you anyway and to direct you to the BRCA Positive Forum where you can also join to put your question in.  Here's the link to that forum BRCA positive forum .

    Wishing you the best of luck with your surgery.

    Best wishes


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