5 day radiotherapy following lumpectomy

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Does anyone know what the average time is between lumpectomy surgery and the 5 day radiotherapy course? I'm trying to work out whether to cancel my summer holiday or not. 

  • Hi. I had my lumpectomy on the 30th April and I have only just had my appt 10/06/24 with the oncologist regarding meds and radiatotherapy. They told me that radiotherapy would begin in approx 4 weeks time, giving the breast time to heal from the lumpectomy. I did get a call today to attend an appt for a CT scan, this is to pin point where to target the treatment I believe. Hope this helps x

  • Hi my surgery was 7.2.24 and my radiotherapy treatments started around 11.4.24. I had a telephone consultation with the oncologist mid March and radiotherapy planning CT appointment towards end of March before the treatment started.

  • I had a lumpectomy followed by 6 cycles of chemo. I need further surgery to ensure clear margins which is taking place 6 weeks post my last session of chemo. I will then have radiotherapy 6 weeks after - depending on my recovery.  It seems 6 weeks is considered an adequate time frame between treatments

  • I had a mastectomy followed up with 5 days radiotherapy last summer. There was a gap of about 2 months to allow me to recover from surgery and to allow my scars to heal. I managed to get away with my family during this time.

    At every every step of my treatment I've been encouraged by doctors to take planned holidays- they're important. Maybe share holiday dates with your treatment team? 

  • Hi, I was told no sooner than 8 weeks and no later than 13. It may be possible to go on holiday and have RT when you return if the timing works xx

  • I had my radiotherapy 8 weeks after surgery. 6-8 weeks post surgery is the normal protocol to allow everything to settle and heal, unless there is a delay, 

  • Thank you everyone, this is really helpful. Am new to the forum, but finding it really supportive

  • Yes, that's a good idea. Thank you 

  • My radiotherapy was very late due to waiting lists so if you can ring the radiotherapy department they will give you a rough idea of time scale. I had to wait 26 weeks!!

    A holiday will do you the world of good both physically and mentally xx

  • Hi if I can remember correctly, it was about 6 weeks after the surgery.