Biopsy result appointment?

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Hi all.

I had a biopsy done a few weeks ago due to a lump in my breast, at the hospital the nurse who performed the scan and biopsy said its an fibroadenoma, and the doctor who studied the results agreed. Mass was smooth and oval.

He told me I'd receive a letter with results.

I've not had a phone call asking me to come in a few days to see another doctor. No other information was given.

Is this normal? Are biopsy results shared at a meeting even if its not cancer? I am absolutely freaking out, I thought I was in the clear.

  • Hi Cayla

    Welcome to the forum and I am sorry to hear that you may have breast cancer.  There is usually a meeting once a week to discuss the results of medical tests.  As far as I'm aware all results even those that show no cancer are discussed at the meeting.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your appointment.

    Best wishes


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  • The same thing has just happened to me!

    waiting for appointment tomorrow.  
    what did yours turn out to be? 
    take care 

  • I'm in the same positon, I had a text to say i have an appointment with 'Breast Surgery'- surely this means the worst?

  • Hello

    the results can take a while as it is discussed before they tell you anything with everyone involved - radiographers, person who examined you, pathology reports etc. the waiting is hard but it’s done this way so that you get a full picture of what is happening and so that your treatment options are all laid out for you. 

    I wasn’t told explicitly but it was strongly indicated that they were expecting it to be a cancer. The fact that they also found an enlarged lymph node which they biopsied  as well as placing a clip into the mass did not bode well A week later this was confirmed with all of the details. 

    What I am trying to say is that they would not let you think something that wasn’t the case. So if they are telling you that it is definitely something, then it is unlikely to be anything else. There is no harm in calling the breast nurse to see where you are if they gave you the number but it can take a couple of weeks .

    good luck Four leaf cloverFour leaf clover

  • Unfortunately mine is cancer. I've just started chemo. Wonderful so have been amazing. Not as scary is it seems :) 

  • Hi! Thanks for your response. 

    Turns out to be cancer! Boo. I expected it.

    Started treatment now so out of the horrendous waiting part! Feeling good so far 

  • Hi!! Sorry for the late reply.

    Hopefully yours was clear??

    Mine is unfortunately not, however I'm in treatment now :) 

  • Hi

    sorry about your news. I hope youre ok x

    Mine turned out to be DCIS and i have a lumpectomy on Tuesday. 

    I have to say the waiting was much worse than finding out!! At least it can be dealt with. 

    take care of yourself x

  • Im sorry to hear this. 

    mine said breast clinic follow up.  Think it's just wording they use. 

    mine turned out to be DCIS which is classed as breast cancer stage 0 and i have a lumpectomy planned on tuesday. 

    i pray its not bad news for you but if it is at least it can be dealt with.  I have had alot of emotions but for me the waiting was the worst bit.  I found the scary part was the not knowing, now i know im relatively ok, havent cried once and just thought lets put my big girl pants on and deal with it. 

    i wish you well x