Starting chemo soon

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Hi all, hope you’re doing well today. 
can you please give me some advice on things to take with me for my chemo sessions, been told they’ll be 4hours so was thinking of books but anything else that would be useful? 

  • Hi  

    I used to take my Kindle along with a puzzle book and my phone to keep me entertained. Some people had iPad's with them and/or magazines. 

    My chemo unit always offered tea, coffee, etc along with biscuits so I never took anything to eat or drink with me but again, some people did. Also, if my chemo session went over lunch time then lunch was provided.

    It was usually very warm in the unit so I tended to wear t-shirts and take a cardigan with me in case I just wanted to have something over my shoulders. Also if you wear trouser, I'd recommend ones that don't have a zip or buttons as it's not easy doing up zips and buttons one handed if you have a cannula in one hand. 

    Wishing you all the best

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  • Thank you I’m going to have a PICC as I have a massive problem with needles so hoping that it will make it a bit easier for me to cope. 

  • I think a PICC line is a good idea. I decided to see if I could cope with a cannula as I felt a bit squeamish about having something in me all the time. However, with hindsight, I think a PICC line would have been better as towards the end it was difficult to find a vein in my hand that was happy to have a cannula in!

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  • I took a book a puzzle book and my laptop to watch netflix but ended up not watching alot. I also took slippers to wear and a hoodie to keep warm esp if using cold cap

  • Hi, if you are cold capping a warm blanket. Personally I couldn’t concentrate on reading during chemo, but ear phones and listening to a podcast I managed. The first one is the most stressful as it’s the unknown after that I found them manageable. Don’t wear a favourite perfume as afterwards its smell just reminds me of chemo and I feel nauseous. Before you know it you will be done.

  • Thank you, I think I’ll put a couple of options in a bag Stuck out tongue winking eye

  • Thank you, I’m not going to cold cap as from what I’ve read my very fine hair won’t be helped so I’ve got a couple of hats and scarves I’m not particularly worried about my hair, never have been Yum 

  • Wishing you well with your Chemo - I'm just finished round 6 of 8.  I usually take my earpods, water bottle, phone for music and netflix, handheld fan as it can get warm. Magazine and usually some sweets.

  • Thank you, hope the rest of yours are ok. I can’t wear ear pods or headphones as I’m deaf in one ear and wear a hearing aid this is why a book is probably best for me Stuck out tongue closed eyes but the snacks/sweets are a good call x

  • Hi Foxy Mama, I've been with daughter to most of her chemo sessions. Temperature can vary in the room, also chemo itself can make you hot/chilly. Blankets are usually available but daughter has layers of easily removable clothes - she had a pic line for first rounds and now has a port. Need to be easily accessible.

    She does take snacks but tea, coffee, hot choc, juice, sandwiches, crisps, biscuits and more come round on a trolley every few hours.

    She takes a book and has downloaded various jigsaw and word game apps on her phone. 

    Chairs have a heated function and daughter has been known to have a nap during long infusions.

    Good luck with your treatment. x