4 weeks post op and still healing

Hi I had a skin preserving mastectomy a month ago and I've just had ny dressings changed again.  Apparently it can take up to another 4 weeks before my wound is completely dry?

I wasn't expecting this, I somehow got the impression that it would be healed or a lot more healed by now.  My always present anxiety and blood pressure has flared up again. No results yet - maybe next week -and now I still don't know the next steps: radio, chemo, hormone therapy, nothing needed? 

This is almost worse than waiting for diagnosis and surgery was.  It's a real test of our resilience. 

  • Hi Sally (I hope you don't mind me abbreviating your name), I had a lumpectomy and therapeutic mammoplasty, not a mastectomy, and I'm still healing 10 weeks later. There is a stubborn area which is only now responding. You're so right about the stress inducing wait for results, treatment plans etc. I think we're resilient because we have to be. "Must Do" is a good master. I hope your results are good and you have a treatment plan in place before too long. The very best of luck!

  • hi i have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer at 28 , i have my mastectomy next week and am just wondering how did anyone cope with it and how long was the healing process . i have little cancer tumors all over my breast as they think it was best to have my breast removed . i am just scared incase it has spread anywhere else but they are certain after my MRI it hasn’t spread it’s only in the breast . i am new here thank you 

  • Hi, Tmox. I'm so sorry you have this to deal with - it's a horrible position to be in. I'm sure there are other ladies on this forum who are better placed to talk about their mastectomy experience  but please try not to worry too much about the surgery -  the waiting is hard but it will be over before you know it and there's always someone on here to answer your questions. I hope your surgery andcrecovery go well.

  • I am also 28 and had a left mastectomy in September , I was terrified right up until they put me to sleep woke up and was fine , recovery was way better than I expected it was ok ! No way as bad as I thought xxx

  • ah i am sorry to hear that.. did you have an implant put in if you don’t mind me asking.. i am getting a implant but i’m sure the recovery might be a little bit longer . i just am so scared incase it’s spread anywhere else but it only showed up in my MRI it was just in the breast. it’s a hormone tumour but it was only a little one but now it’s all little ones all over my breast . just wish this night mare would be over . did you have to have chemotherapy xxxxx

  • I decided to wait til the end to have the breast rebuilt as I will need radiotherapy and apparently it can affect it… but yes first chemotherapy:( starting tomorrow. I have just been and had the picc line inserted xxx

  • ahh really i didn’t know that.. there inserting my implant while i am down.. what was your cancer if you don’t mind me asking ? i think they will offer me chemotherapy.. how long is your chemotherapy for 

    you are so brave xxxx

  • Hi Tmox, I had 2 lumps, one at the rear of my breast and sadly one behind my nipple so I had to have that removed as well.  To be honest, when I had my pre-op assessment it was easier to accept it all as my breast previously had blue dye injected to trace my lymph nodes.  Combined with the lump which was more visible, it looked dead and old compared to my good breast.  I'm trying to look at my breast a bit every day to get used to it, but at the moment, it's effectively half a breast! I'm currently awaiting my results, my op was nearly 5 weeks ago.

  • ah i am sorry to hear that, oh really that’s a long wait isn’t it , they told me about 2-3 weeks from surgery date for results but probably be longer… mine started with just one which is so small , then eventually all little ones across my breast . at first they was only going to remove the lump but because it’s round my breast they have said mastectomy, the radios is 5cm which is what they have said. but i’m getting aches and pain in my shoulder which i don’t know if it has hanurhing to do with the cancer or if i am just stressed and my body’s just stiff… ahh so are you cancer free now because the lumps have gone xxxxx

  • i just wanted to know some information, does the cancer go in your breast once have mastectomy , or do you have to wait for results to see if it’s clear i am waiting in my surgery wensday and i just so scared , they said it was only in the one breast and that was it but how do i know the cancer has gone,