? Lost sample.

Hi again everyone. I posted  a couple of weeks ago about about having a long wait for oncotype results and I'm niw starting to panic in case the sample has been lost. Has anyone heard of this happening? I'm nearly sick with anxiety over this. Thank you all for your previoys replies x

  • call your team, tbh i didnt pay attention to the length of time, but i think surgery was late apr, second surg was late may and think maybe they told me just before second surgery? Thinking was many weeks and final surgery results were almost a month 

    call and ask is best 

  • Thanks, Djct. I asked my oncologist 2 weeks ago and sh said she has been emailing the company in US and would phone me as soon as she heard anything, but nothing so far. It's at least 7 weeks I've been waiting and and to be honest this has been the most stressful issue since diagnosis. I have an oncology appt on Tues and I'm going to request someone  speak with the lab directly. I'm not a pushy person but this last 2 months might change that!

  • yes 7 weeks seems too long, hope they sort it, and be pushy, one thing this crap has taught me is keep asking, they won’t offer up things, we have to ask (hugs)

  • Have you enquired with oncology?  When I had my oncology appointment I asked for my results only to be told they forgot to send it off.  It was then sent off and took just 3 weeks for the results.  Maybe make a call to your breast care nurse.  Good luck and best wishes for a low result.  

  • Thank you, Mibby. It didn't even occur to me it might not have been sent!

  • I got my oncotype score back today and it's 34 so I'll be having chemo very soon. I'm so disappointed -  I convinced myself I had dodged the bullet. Feeling very overwhelmed tonight.

  • I’m so sorry your results were not favourable.  I didn’t have chemo so cannot offer any experience.  However, I’m sure our lovely fellow forum members can put your mind at rest and offer first hand tips and advice.  
    I wish you well during your treatment.  X

  • sending giant hugs, i was in your exact position in the spring. it’s going to be a bear, but you can do it, i am on my last chemo tomorrow, i think mine was 35.

  • Thank you so much

  • It's a big shock, isn't it? Thank God you're nearly through your chemo - it gives me hope that I won't be too much of a wimp! I'm having 6 sessions over 18 weeks which I hope I can manage. Good luck and God bless for tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you to give me wee bit of courage. XO