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I have not long started my chemotherapy and I am not knocking it but I have felt ok so far just a constant headache and not sleeping very well which I am no sure is a symptom. 
there was me having my hair shaved off and now there is things and people saying I might not loose my hair so I look not good for nothing!!

and is feeling happy and full if fun one  minute and then feeling really down and tearful the next! I am not sure that is a symptom either?

let me know what you all think!!!

  • Hi that's good you aren't suffering. All I will say if this is your first you may feel different the more you have. If it is EC or red devil as it's known I was two weeks in after first dose when my hair stated shedding and was gone before next session three weeks later. You may be lucky and so hope you are. Just early days Heart

  • hi the going between tears and ok is normal, not a chemo side effect but a dealing with cancer one. yes my hair abandoned me around second infusion a little at first but by next one it was oretty much gone. i chopped mine off with scissors and a trimmer.

    try to drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated, i found soir candies helped when taste buds got affected.

    I do think people react v different, imkept maybe 10% of my hair, never bothered shav8ng it, i look odd but oh well

  • I think emotions are all over the place for lots of reasons, not least the steroids which can induce rage, tears, sleeplessness and rosy cheeks. The headache is likely the chemo. Just drink plenty all the time as chemo is quite dehydrating. Hope you get some sleep soon x

  • I just had my first cycle of EC 4 days ago. Felt absolutely exhausted and aching for 3 days. Today I'm off the steroids and have felt anxious and jittery as hell. Not good!

  • Hi

    i I have finished my chemo now but still have radiotherapy to have which I am dreading more than the chemo I had. 
    my hair fell out  before my second lot of chemo and I know I have finished with I feel scared because it’s suddenly hit me that I have breast cancer. 
    I am scared it will come back as everyone I know who has had cancer it came back. 
    I am so scared about having the radiotherapy but I know I have got to have it but we have to go to Oxford for it every day for what could be two weeks. 

    Then what happens after the radiotherapy I know I will have pills to take for five years, but do I have regular checkups to make sure it hasn’t come back either in the same place or somewhere else!!

  • Hi Kazio, sorry to hear you have to have radiotherapy. I have to admit it was something I wasn’t looking forward to after chemo however it was a breeze compared to chemo. I did suffer with a red boob and some soreness but moisturising helped a lot and wearing loose clothing. When I finished radiotherapy I had tamoxifen to take for 5 years and I’m just coming to the end of my targeted treatment too. I have been told I will have yearly mammograms for 5 years too. Not sure if there are any other check ups or scans but your breast care nurse/oncologist should be able to advise. 
    Wishing you all the best 

    Hugs from cuffcake x x x x x

  • Hi Kazio - good to hear you got through your chemo - I lost my hair after the 2nd session too and I had been cold capping !

    Like you I’ve got to have radiotherapy too and I had my ct planning scan on Tuesday in Cambridge. I was very nervous as it’s the unknown once again and looking back I didn’t need to be - the nurses were fabulous there and try to make you less at ease.  They used what I describe as the big polo mint - they sort out the best position to make you comfortable, measure you and give you tattoos - I had 3 one either side near each armpit and a central one (in between the boobs). Whilst they scanned me I had to hold my breath for max 20/30 seconds.  They did send me a website so I could look at which a couple of bc survivors made called  Mine start in a few weeks time for 15 sessions.

    live got to start my HT tablets soon - they’ve chosen Letrozole for me for 5 years with a possible change to Tamoifen for the 5 years after. Had my first Zoledronic acid infusion for my bones and I appear to be ok this morning and the vit d they’ve described me tastes of banana so I’m feeling quite happy today Blush

    Also had a letter from my gp to make an appointment as part of the cancer care package with MacMillan.

    I hope you breeze through your radiotherapy - just take one day at a time and be proud of what you’ve conquered so far x

  • Hi Kazio, I think it's normal to be scared about it coming back.  Do check with your medical team, but where I am I have an annual mammogram and check up and I know I can call them for anything that worries me in between. Best wishes 

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