After affects of breast cancer non intrusive surgery

Hi, I am new to this forum and would like to understand how quickly people recover from the after affect of shoulder and arm pains. I’ve been taking physio which has helped a bit but not enough to become more mobile and pain is still there. It tends to be bad in the morning and when I do a bit of stretches it helps but if I stay still for too long the pains comes back. Trying to gage how long it’s takes to go back to normal or will normal never be the same ?

thanks :-)

  • I did the exercises they gave me 3 times a day diligently and was only just able to put arms above head for radiotherapy a couple of months later and even then, it was very stiff. Radiotherapy made everything stiffen up again too, so I was doing the exercises for a good 6 months before I got full mobility back.

    I am almost 3 years post-op and I sill have pain if I do a lot with that arm, but I have my full mobility

  • Thank you, that gives me some hope to keep persevering with the exercises as I started this August 2023 and can’t reach above correctly and I can only reach my arm to my bottom.

    do get sharp pains if I react to anything quick with my arm. 

  • I did stretching with a resistance band , all day long

  • That’s a good question - I’d love to know the answer too. I feel progress has been very slow and don’t know if I’m unusual.I had a RHS mastectomy in June and radiotherapy in August. I still feel puffy and swollen under arm and some across the scar. This makes it feel tight and sore. I’ve been doing the exercises and now tried swimming. I’d love to not have to ‘think about’ using my right arm. I think I have full mobility  ( I can stretch my arm up) but I want pain free full mobility - is that possible?