Letrazole/Anastrazole effect on Fybromyalgia

Hi, I am soon due to recieve results from surgery, I had previously been told I would recieve Radiotherapy but also hormone therapy. 

I have been reading many reports medical and first hand from patients , the various side effects, I have Fybromyalgia and the many  problems attached to this condition,

Now I am worried the hormone meds will make the problems much worse. Just going through the surgery etc has caused weaking to legs ..is there anyone else who has the same situation. I would be grateful for some advice,

many thanks 

  • Hi, gosh this sounds like a tough situation to be in.  I wondered if you've asked your medical teams for advice? Also you might want to have a chat with the lovely folks here at Macmillan who will be happy to help. You can call them on 0800 808 0000. Best wishes 

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  • Hi 

    I have had Fibromyalgia for 20 years and it's very debilitating I've been taking Letrozole for 18 months and I have to be honest that it's difficult my joints hurt and I have developed trigger thumb 

    Also the fatigue is bad  I did  have 2 weeks off when I went on holiday but my tumour was 8/8 for Estrogen so I won't stop even though I would love to 

    I find friends and family thought when my surgery and Radiotherapy was finished that it was over and I've never looked ill so I feel like a moaning Minnie complaining about taking a tablet 

    I've reached out to others in the same situation and it's helped 

    I wish you well and not everyone gets side effects 

    Look after yourself x