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Hi all,

I was diagnosed on the 31st of October with stage 1 breast cancer. Luckily my tumor is very small and confined. How long did you have to wait before having a lumpectomy? And then how long until you started radiotherapy? 

I honestly just want it over and done with and I'm terrified of surgery.

  • Hi 

    from my diagnosis to lumpectomy I waited 5 weeks. The waiting is the hardest part. I am waiting for radiotherapy now 8 weeks since surgery and I have heard nothing from the hospital. I think waiting times vary so you may be fortunate and not have such a long wait.  I have to say once I had my surgery my anxiety disappeared and I fortunately healed really quickly.


  • Thanks leesland123

    that's put my mind at rest a little bit. They try and explain it all but it doesn't really sink in. I take my husband with me but I'm sure he hears things wrong lol.

    I hope you're doing well and your radiotherapy starts soon


  • Hi  and welcome to the forum. A club we’d rather not join but lots of support and shared experiences here! 
    Waiting times do seem to vary a lot. In my case my lumpectomy was about 5 weeks after diagnosis I think. Then a 6 week wait for my oncologist appointment (to sign up for radiotherapy and get first prescription for hormone blockers, Anastrozole for me), and a further 4 weeks to start rads. So a 10 week gap between op and rads. It felt endless but actually I was glad of the healing time. 
    Definitely felt better for getting started with treatment, it’s horrible being in the waiting for dates limbo land. 
    Re the op itself…. I have had many minor ops over the years as my body has a habit of growing lumps and bumps, most of which have thankfully turned out to be benign but all needed to be removed to be identified as such. I have to admit I rather like an anaesthetic - lovely sleepy drugs, a long sleep and for me a drowsy sort of euphoria afterwards. Hopefully it will be the same for you! 
    Hope you hear soon, keep posting and let us know how you’re doing. Love and hugs, HFxx

    HappyFeet1 xx
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  • Thank you so much for your reply. My husband said the same thing about the anaesthetic so fingers crossed. I just think that the unknown is probably the most scary thing to cope with.

    Hugs back to you and hope you are well xx

  • Hi I was diagnosed at the beginning of September and had my operation on Tuesday (7th November) so about 8 weeks. I have an appointment for my results at the beginning of December. Not sure when I will have my radiotherapy but guess I will get some idea at my next appointment. 

    Good luck with your treatment. I had really worked myself up over the anesthetic but it was absolutely fine and I am recovering well.

  • That's good to hear. Keep well.

  • Just an update. I'm having the Magseed in on Monday. Pre op is on the 24th and my lumpectomy is on the 27th. So it's all come very quickly. Be glad to get this alien out!!

  • I was diagnosed 2nd Nov stage 1 ductal invasive, saw surgeon yesterday said op be in about 2-3 weeks , what is magseed ? 

  • magseed is an insert so they know where lump is to remove it, usually inserted under ultrasound in a quick appt.

  • Hi Tashkate. Sorry you've been diagnosed with this horrible disease, but you'll always find someone to answer your queries here. I had magseed insertion the day before my lumpectomy and I too was very anxious about it but, I needn't have been. I had a tiny pellet( like a rice grain, injected into the affected breast by a radiographer. I had heard it might be painful but it I only experienced a stinging sensation for approx 7 secs. The magseed helps the surgeon to locate the axillary nodes for sampling. Ther whole appointment took less than 5 minutes. Good luck !