Elective mastectomy (so far) and staying flat

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Through the help of posts I am near to making the decision of mastectomy and staying flat rather than a 2nd re excision which if unsuccessful would be a 3rd op mastectomy anyway.

I am small breasted anyway, 66 years old and feel that I can't take the stress of waiting for more results if I just had a 2nd re excision and then a 3rd op a week or so later if margins were still not met. 

It's a lobular tumour so I believe less likely to meet surgical margins first op. 

I'm hoping I won't need radiotherapy after mastectomy.,though as we all know things could change on that. 

What are other's experience of mastectomy, recovery, staying flat and onwards

Thanks so much. I'm new and this forum is amazing. My nearest and dearest come over as thinking that I'm making a bit of a fuss about nothing so I can feel a little alone sometimes. 

  • Hello

    l was 71 when l found myself in your position with a lobular tumour.
    l had a mastectomy - stayed flat and did not require radiotherapy. 
    7 years later l have not regretted my decision.

    Good luck to you.

  • Hi Artanne

    I’m 66 and had a mastectomy in June. I was diagnosed after biopsy as DCIS high grade and large so advised to have mastectomy with 5 day radiotherapy even although lymph nodes were clear following a SLNB. I put my trust in the consultant on what was best. He strongly advised against immediate reconstruction as radiotherapy can cause problems with implants. ( I don’t have a lot of  body fat to spare). He has offered reconstruction at a later date but I’ve chosen not too. I just want to get on with my life, enjoy my grandchildren and my holidays and time with hubby. I’m still recovering. I wouldn’t want to put myself through more surgery - this is bad enough. Xx

  • Hi I am new here and just been diagnosed with a choice of reconstruction.. cant make up my mind at the moment but am 61 never really had big boobs and like you BethS I am keen to enjoy my grandchildren and get on with my life... Perhaps I'll ask for the scar to be a smiley face! Am finding this forum so helpful. Glad its turned out well..

  • Hi,  sorry to hear you are going through the decision process.

    i was also diagnosed with lobular bc and first option was mammoplasty or mastectomy but mammoplasty was favoured because I had large boobs so the 5.8cm tumour could be removed and result in smaller breasts.  Op went well but healing was problematic.  Results revealed clear margins not obtained so further surgery to get clear margins. Again problem with healing.  Results revealed 3 more small tumours. This time when suggested going in again for clear margins I said no thank you, please take the breast off. Because I’d had problems healing I also said no thank you to reconstruction.   

    I’m 73 and do not regret the decision to have a mastectomy. At last I healed really well and when I wear my prosthesis I don’t see any difference.  In fact I’m very pleased that I now have a C cup instead of my original G cup. 

    The problem we have in making decisions is we don’t have hind sight.  I found it interesting that you say it’s not so easy to get clear margins with lobular.  I’d like to have known that when I was making decisions. 

    All the best, x

  • Thanks so much for your reply, so helpful. Did you have to have radiotherapy after the mastectomy or did you go straight to taking the pills? 

  • Hi ArtyAnne, yes, I had 15 sessions of radiotherapthy to the auxiliary nodes, the internal mammary chain, the Supraclavicular (base of neck) and the chest wall.  Sounds an awfully big area but it went well despite having to do breath hold.  As for the pills, I’d started the letrozole a few months before the radiotherapy.  But the Abenaciclib and zoladronic acid infusions had to wait until I’d recovered  enough from the radiotherapy. I didn’t have chemo because my oncotype test was 17 so was told I would not benefit from it.  you are welcome to ask me any questions as I know what it’s like to be uncertain about what to expect.  You won’t have radiotherapy until they consider you have sufficiently healed from the surgery. All the best. X