Just about to start treatment - picc line

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Hello all,

I'm 38 and a mum of 3, the smallest of whom is 5 weeks old. I start adjuvant chemotherapy on Monday and absolutely terrified. I had my picc line put in on Tuesday which is not particularly vomfortable and so conscious of it when picking up kids etc. Has anyone found a better alternative to the limbo sleeve? Nightmare to get on and off by yourself and I can't face the next 6 months like this on top of everything else...



  • Morning Pancakes - sorry about your diagnosis and that you are about to start your chemo - granted it is terrifying but stay strong and it will be over before you know it - I too have been having adjuvant chemo and after next Friday I will have one left !

    I had a picc-line too and I agree it is uncomfortable at first but you get used to it eventually.  The limbo sleeve was a nightmare at first but without thinking I can now whip it on and off and I do find if I wear my normal sleeve underneath too it stops you worrying about catching it !

    Good luck for Monday x

  • Thank you, I tried it with the cover which did ease the anxiety about catching it a bit. Getting my husband to put it on and off atm as find it really tricky with only one hand. The bandage they gave me seems to be rubbing though, seem to have a blister, so need to get a proper cover which doesn't move around as much.

  • Hi   so sorry you’re going through this when you’re so young and have just had a baby.

    I don’t know what a limbo sleeve is but I used tube bandage over mine which I got from the chemo ward each time I had a line flush. It stayed on better than any sleeve I found online. I also got them to tape it down as well so the tube wasn’t sticking out my arm! 
    it also helps it’s cold so long sleeves are worn most of the time! 

    good luck with your treatment 

  • Hi   really sorry to hear you’re going to have to juggle chemo and young kids - do be sure to ask for help from your family and friends!  I think many of us would agree that, while chemo isn’t a picnic, nor is it as bad as we expected.  I had such good care from the nurses I found it quite a positive experience overall.  I had a picc and ordered some picc line covers from Anna Bandana.  They didn’t replace the limbo sleeve but were much more comfortable than the bandage, were not expensive, and come in different colours so don’t look “medical”.  Best of luck!

  • Hi Pancake, very sorry about diagnosis. I had a PICC line inversion on Wednesday and they gave me tube grip to cover it. It seems to be working ok but yes, one is very cautious …..! I hope everything goes well for you. x

  • I only use the limbo sleeve when showering and it is very effective at keeping the area dry.  I only have a soft tubigrip sleeve on the rest of the time which is supplied by the hospital.

    the entry site can catch and be sore at times, but I have definitely got used to it. I think it takes a while to desensitise to what is an invasive thing.  I hope it gets more manageable soon - I think it will x