G2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. ER8, PR0, HERS2 +VE. EC Treatment Started Yesterday 08/11/23

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Nov 8: Arrived Chemo Unit by 8.35am. Appointment was for 9am.

Received warm reception. Offered coffee, tea or water. Took water 

Given a pep talk on the chemo drugs, side effects etc. A printout of EC was given to me for more details.

10am: Given a dose of Aprepitant. Taken 1hr b4 treatment starts.

10.10am: Given a cold cap. I requested it to try save my hair. Cap stays on for 30mins b4 chemo treatment. Cap changed every 30minutes during treatment. Cap stays on 30mins after treatment. 

(Anyways, I already bought a wig just in case the cold cap didn't work. I was given a £100 voucher to get a wig. Bless them Pray).

11am: Treatment starts. Received 2 vials of EPIRUBICIN and 2 vials of CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE. A drip was given during the process but forgot to ask the drug name. All are given intravenously.

12.30: Received lunch. Tuna/cucumber sandwiches. Yogurt. Chips. 

12.45pm: IV completed. Waited for the last cold cap to be worn. Eat part of my lunch. 

1pm: Received several stuffs:

-> take-home drugs (steroids, anti-nausea/vomiting, and hard capsules) for days 2 and 3. The anti-nausea and vomiting drugs should be taken when the need arises.

-> 7-days Filgrastim prefilled injections also given. A district Nurse will come by my house to give me at 6pm. 

-> A Cancer Treatment Record which is a booklet to write in my experience with the drugs/treatment/reactions etc 

1 10pm: Eat lunch. Packed my stuffs. The Unit arranged a private transport cos I told them I would not want to walk back home since I have no idea how I will react to the drugs.

1.30pm: Cab arrived. Left the Chemo Unit.

1.45pm: Arrived home and treated myself to a nice lunch. Still no severe reactions. Except some cloudy eyes. I slept very well. So, I decided to write this to encourage you all.

I am a believer in God. I believe that what God cannot do does NOT exist. I prayed and told Jesus to take charge of the medical team. I prayed for ZERO errors. I prayed against mis-diagnosis. I prayed that the injections and drugs will work and shrink the tumor that there will be no need for surgery. I prayed that my right breast will NOT be cut off. The only thing I have left right now is FAITH not fear...and FAITH is what I'm clinging on to.

My fellow fighters, stay strong. We will Win this fight. We will overcome this deadly virus.

  1. I'm sorry if this post is too lengthy... it's my way of letting it out. Hugging

Hugs to all you. BRAVEES! Gift heart


  • Good morning....I think your record for yesterday will be very helpful. Last week I noticed there were several posters waiting to start chemo. You obviously have a very efficient and kind unit to attend. They will be encouraged by your experience.

    8 hope you continue to respond well to the treatment. Perhaps take the anti sickness drugs anyway as a precautions.  EC can notoriously bring on nausea although doctor's have recognised this and many prescribe a dose the body copes with better.

    Faith and prayer will be a great help for you. But never forget.....sometimes God answers prayer through the development of modern medecine. If God sends a man in a boat to a drowning person, don't forget to climb in.......We cannot know his plan.

    I wish you well. I had my cancer in 2015....an agressive TNBC....It has been clear since my lumpectomy.  I didn't always react well to the treatments and have a few permanent difficulties but these happen less frequently now as oncologists have recognised problems and counteract them. The fact is ....the treatment....and prayer for like you I had my faith..... has worked.

    Take care today. Rest a bit. Yesterday's treatments will have shocked the body more than you realise. 

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  • Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement.

    Yes, the cancer team are compassionate and caring.

    ...and yes, I also agree 100% that God answers prayers in different ways. That's why I have never jettisoned modern medicine as God is in all situations. Faith is key. It is my safe zone

    Very happy to hear you are cancer free...and may never get a relapse in Jesus name Pray.

    Stay strong and keep motivating us.



  • God bless you and take care of you.  I sent a prayer that I said so many times going through treatment and it helped so much so sharing.  
    Take care and hugs to you.  


  • Thanks, Barbara for the prayers. I have incorporated them into my daily talks with Jesus. Appreciated! Gift heart

  • Great record and inspiring.... I have had my third chemo in a month and a half and due to take fourth on 29th November.

    Effects wise - first was not too bad, little nausea and generally ok.  The second I had been told would be stronger and it totally floored me, sleeping for 24 hours from the second day and fairly sleepy two days following.  The third has not been too bad - a little fatigued by midday; but my taste and smell has grown immensely - most foods I can no longer stomach the look of let alone eat; all my favourites I have totally gone off. 

    However, I wonder if anyone else has had this problem : occasionally during the day I have a really loud and strong hiccup/belch which I cannot stop no matter how I try.  I have a portacath in my collar bone area and worried that it might be affected.

  • Good afternoon. Thank you for this. 

    I am due to start next Thursday. But also believing and trusting God that i don’t have any side effects. We will overcome!!!

  • avoid favourites when feeling ill. think port should be fine but ask nurses