Side effects of Anastrozole

I’m looking for advice and information please. I am just starting my 5 year journey of hormone therapy.  I have been given the crescent brand of Anastrozole and am taking my first tablet today. What sort of side effects are people getting and how long does it take for them to start? 
Many thanks


  • Hi Ann,

    I think the side effects vary from person to person and for myself I have been on it for a year and have been lucky enough to not have experienced any.

    I hope that will be the same for you and wish you all the best in your treatment

    Sent with love and hugs

  • Hello Leesland123,  I have been on anastrazole for 18 months and doing pretty well.  Dry mouth is an issue and I use xyli melts at night and that helps.  Aches and discomfort in my thighs sometimes but not every day.  I make sure to exercise almost daily and it helps to be active.  No sex drive and vaginal dryness.  I have a vaginal suppository that has hyaluronic acid and works good for the dryness.  Called Revaree but only available in US and maybe Canada right now.  With 85% lower estrogen than I would normally have it is no wonder I have no sex drive.  Doctors don’t talk about that much as they focus on joint pain etc. but it is a big issue and I don’t know the cure.  Oh well all in all I am doing well and going to be 75 this month and very grateful.  
    I hope you feel ok too and you hear so many things about the side effects from the AI’s but many women manage pretty well.  
    Hugs to you. 


  • Thank you for your reply I guess it’s a suck it and see situation.