Back home after surgery

So yesterday was my surgery - lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy. It was a long day. Booked in at 7.30am. Sent down for wire insertion first thing then taken down for operation at 2.30pm

The general anaesthetic which I had really worked myself up about was absolutely fine then the next thing I knew was someone saying my name to wake me up. 

Back on ward for recovery for a couple of hours and the best toast ever after starving for 24 hours. My husband was able to collect me at 7pm.

Pain is fine at the moment, taking paracetamol as advised and awake early but I think that's because I'm used to sleeping on my belly or side neither of which are an option at the moment.

Should see my surgeon in about 3 weeks time for results so fingers crossed for some good results. 

  •   Awake early myself. 
    i had my surgery (the same) last December 2022. Stayed in overnight because I’d previously had a bad experience with general anaesthetic but that time it was ok. But I was relieved to stay in and rest it was a long day. I kept on top of any pain taking paracetamol every 4-6 hours as I did experience quite bad constipation from the surgery drugs and pain meds the first 2-3 days. Keep drinking plenty of water too. I slept proped up by a large cushion the first couple of weeks which helped me sleep better. Take care it’s daunting but you’ll get there. Heart

  • Hello, happy for you that surgery went well. Your post is really helpful as I am also awaiting surgery next week and all worked up about the anaesthetic. I have never been put to sleep and the only time I’ve had procedures is the birth of my kids who are 19 and 11. All the best in your journey.


    I also had to have my gallbladder out in 2021 and I’d only ever had surgery once before for wisdom teeth under general when I was 17. So I was also very apprehensive about the general anaesthetic but it’s not scary at all the nurses keep you busy and talk to you and before you know it you’re asleep and then waking up again. They give you plenty if pain relief medication at the surgery site and after as meds, so you hos hopefully won’t feel too much discomfort. It’s very strange. But they take such good care of you and they are so kind. All the best next week.


  • I think it's the fear of the unknown, likewise I had never been put to sleep before but the care was excellent.

    There was a team of about 5 when I went in and everything was explained as they did it. The pre-op med went in first which I was told would make me feel like I had had a couple of glasses of wine, then the anesthetic - I have always assumed that they ask you to count backwards but I have no recollection of this, the next thing I knew I was waking up with  2 people monitoring me carefully, I was having a nice chat with one of them whilst the other was checking my oxygen levels etc 

    You bound to be nervous but I can definitely reassure you it's absolutely fine. All the best with your operation.