Starting EC soon

Hey I’m starting chemotherapy on the 24th and I’m just wondering is anyone else had Ec first too and how they coped ect… I am terrified with the unknown and cant stop freaking out. Also what’s best to do while taking chemo and what’s best to avoid. Thanks Slight smile

  • Hi

    I had 3 x EC then 3 Docetaxol. I think the fear of the unknown is almost worse than the treatment. The only advise I can give you is that we're all different although it does help to hear others experience! I cold capped and was lucky enough to only lose 30% of my hair as to the side effects, I found Docetaxol harder than the EC. I was never sick and the worse was the injections that you have to have which did cause bone aches and the strange taste in your mouth gets some getting used to. I found that ]chemo kicked in on about day 5-7 after having it but just rested as I needed to.

    I just took books etc to pass the time but I'm sure you'll get chatting to others which also passes the time and you'll get more of an insight as to what to expect.

    Good luck with it all and hope it all goes well for you x

  • Hi Lak95, I had EC first and then docetaxel. I did find EC a lot harsher and would suffer side effects for a few days. I did have tablets to help and drank plenty of water before during and after. Ate little and often helps too. Side effects affect us all differently. If you click on my name you can read my journey. 
    The nurses are great and if you have any problems they are there on hand to help and sort things out. You will get given an emergency number to call if you need advice once you are home. No question is to trivial for them. I used it 3 times on my first day after chemo as I felt so strange. They were able to put my mind at ease. 
    I used to take a variety of things with me when I had chemo, ipad, phone, magazines, snacks, water,  warm blanket (I cold capped) and socks, even my slippers. I used to make myself very cosy in the comfy chairs. You do get offered tea, coffee etc and I used to have that too. It was amazing how good it tasted whilst having chemotherapy. 
    Wishing you all the best.

    Hugs from cuffcake x x x x x

  • Hi LisaJD,

    I know  we’re all different but I has my first EC nearly 2 weeks ago and back for my second shot on tye 17th! It hasn’t affected me a little bit, the first 3 days a bit tired maybe but nothing to write home about. Yes, steroids & chemo did mess my diabetes up in those first days but it’s back to normal now.  I’m still eating like a pig (have kept my healthy diet). I’m taking anti sickness and mouthwash regularly.  If anything, I’m feeling healthier than I have ever been in a long time. I’ve even started my new new  job since yesterday.  

    I appreciate it’s easy to say but please don’t worry yourself, you will be fine. Good luck and please let us know how get on xx

  • Sorry, I meant Lak95  x

  • Hi   I had EC first (4 sessions) followed by 4 Paclitaxol. I had hardly any side effects with EC, was never sick or nauseas, perhaps a bit tired but that’s it. I had it manually given to me by a nurse (not sure if that’s the same for everyone) so you spend the time just chatting. I just brought a book to pass the time.

    I didn’t get the funny taste in my mouth like others have but I was recommended to bring sugar free boiled sweets to help! 

    good luck! 

    1. There the same 2 I will be having 4 of each also! Hoping will all be well praying ! Xxx
  • Hi I had 4 ec and three docetaxel. Ec was fine didn't have too many side effects. I used mouthwash after every meal and occasional anti sickness but not much at all. Worst side effect was constipation. I also tried cold cap but have up in third cycle as made me feel sick. Lost all my hair but six months on I'm rocking a grey afro as hair has come back curly. Docetaxel was worse and I ended up in hospital with neutropenic sepsis after first lot. But oncologist reduced dose and I was fine for last two cycles.

  • Hi  

    I'm currently in chemo world. Just had my 3rd dose of EC today. I’ve been ok with the main symptoms being tiredness, brain fog, taste and hair loss. I did cold cap but it didn’t help that much so stopped. 

    The one side effect which is worrying was feeling like I was losing my mind during the second cycle. It was so weird and I felt like my mind went into overdrive. Took some CBD supplements and that helped calm it down for a while. Luckily it didn’t last long but the oncologist said it was probably linked to the steroids. 

    Really hoping I don’t get a repeat of that on this cycle. I can take the tiredness and brain fog but struggled with the overactive brain. 

    Sleeping has been tough too. I find myself awake a lot at night but probably linked to more napping in the day after chemo (& the steroids). 

    Good luck! 

  • Hi I have to say its cumulative, so my first round I thought I was fine and naively thought I'd breeze through it but the 3rd round really hit me with the tiredness and headaches. I wasn't sick, just felt a bit 'out of it' a lot of the time. It was also the 3rd cycle that massively affected my hair loss.

    Everyone is different with how much they attempt to do. I tried to get out and about to parks etc with my son when I felt up to it, but there were plenty of times I had to stay home and let family entertain him. I also wanted to try and work when able so focused on one project now and then when I felt able to, at times that suited me. 

    Good luck, take care x

  • Oh I remember that feeling too! I felt so spaced out and like I was looking in on everything going on around me but not properly part of it. I also really struggled with sleep but sleeping tablets gave me awful headaches. The brain fog does eventually go and you lose that horrid head feeling, I promise!x