Results after surgery

Hi All. I hope you are all doing ok.

I got my results after surgery and at biopsy stage it was 1.6 in size and after surgery it is 30 mm so looks to have doubled in size in 3 months. Has anyone else has this. Grade 2 Invasive.

Any information/ comments welcome 

  • Hi Fizzler, when I had my mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy I was give different measurements to what the final op size was. I was told this was because they could always see the size of the tumour fully as to depth, width and length. You may find the tumour was still approx 16mm (assuming as you typed 1.6 I’m guessing was cm rather than mm as that would be very difficult to measure 1.6 of a mm, but with the margins added to ensure it was clear all round when removing it in surgery then put it a 30mm perhaps. My tumour was 20mm on ultrasound on op was 22mm but in total was about 50mm as there was a large margin around it to ensure it was totally clear. So it’s possible your tumour hadn’t doubled but the size given includes the margin area too.  It’s worth discussing it with your surgeon or breast care nurse to double check. I had grade 3 invasive ductal and triple positive and I was told although it’s faster growing and spreading it’s not as quick as one imagines but I guess there are lots of factors to add in to as to what feeds the cancer etc.  

    wishing you all the best

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  • Thanks Cuffcake, this is helpful x

  • Hi Fizzler

    Mine was 20mm in biopsy (end of june) and 25 after surgery (4/8).  I'm pretty sure my consultant had said the biopsy was just a guide.   (I could be wrong and possibly made it up to make myself feel better.) I think the main thing is they get clear margins when they remove it.  

    I was stage 2 grade 3.

    Good luck with the remainder of the treatment.