Feeling drained after surgery

Hey All

hapoy Monday 

I had lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy Wednesday 1 November all went ok.

feel so tired and still generally unwell is this normal ?

I’ve been out of dog walks etc but feel so drained.

have swelling under arm that I was told would happen due to the lymphe nodes being very deep and today I can feel the area pulsating.

no temperature etc so don’t believe it’s infected.

Headache, dizzy and nausea wont  go I’ve stopped the hospital painkillers as they made this really severe so now on paracetamol.

reading that people usually back to normal 1-2 weeks after the op am I just being pathetic? I’m so tired and teary and feel just rough can’t say I feel really unwell just not right.

So back of my arm is so sensitive to touch

cant face people or anything 


  • Hi , Dizzy Doo

    sorry to hear you not feeling tight , I had the same as you middle of October and I have the same problem under armpit and foe the arm , im taking painkillers but I think the exercises abd yhe massaging under the armpit and down the arm is very beneficial ! My pain isn’t half as bad as it was , they told me in clinic that it’s nerve damage from the lymph node biopsies ! I feel very positive generally but I do get some not do good times , and again like you I feel very lethargic some days too !! I go out walking and sometimes go with my husband and the dogs , I’m waiting for biopsy results now should have been last week but they were not ready , appoiintment this Friday now ! I have lobular breast cancer , I do hope you’re feeling better soon much hugs xx 

    Christine xx

  • So sorry to hear you going through all this xx

    jist have zero energy I was always on the gym before so this is hard for me Joy

    I find out Thursday if all Cancer was removed and that nodes are clear so then I should start radiotherapy I’m lucky looking like no chemo for me

    hope you get your results soon



  • no not normal 1-2 weeks, my breast was swollen and achy for three + weeks, then went for second surgery just after it seemed settled, luckily it was not back to square one, so, last surgery was may 22, final non-orange peely boob all over was probably end of July

  • Hi, I had my Lumpectomy and sentinal node biopsy on 3rd November, I have no pain in breast but where they did the biopsy is still sore, the dizzeness and headaches I have upped my water intake and it is helping ,I read this advice, feeling as you do is normal , its a lot to process and go through, rest, treat yourself to something yummy and it will get easier for us both I am sure .

  • So sorry you been through this 

    thank you felt like I was being pathetic xx

  • Hi

    sorry you going through this 

    I thought I was drinking enough but I’ll try more Thumbsup


  • So sorry you are going through this.  Dizziness and nausea are awful.  Agree, plenty of water helps.  I had a lumpectomy and SNB in August and second one for clear margins in September.  So it has been 8 weeks since second op.  It did take nearly that amount of time for my arm to stop aching and around the sentinel  node biopsy wound.  The exercises helped a lot and massaging my arm at the top.  I think you are really lucky if you are back to normal in 1-2 weeks.  So you are not being pathetic.  Allow yourself the time you need, it’s a lot to deal with.  Do the exercises, go for walks when you can, and treat yourself to something nice.  Feeling tired is normal I think.  This whole process makes you physically and mentally tired.  I wish you well with your results and treatment.  Hugs x

  • Thank you x
    I get my results Thursday - was your second op due to not all the cancer being removed ? That’s what I’ll be told about when I go back so that on my mind too what they will say xx

    hope you ok now and sorry you’ve been through this xx

  • Thank you xx Yes they did not get clear enough margins with the first lumpectomy, so I had another one.  The lymph nodes were clear, so that was good.  Also the second op was successful.  My consultant told me that around 10% of women need second ops.  They only had to take a small amount, so it wasn’t too bad.  Just a bit longer to recover.  So hopefully you will have good results first time.  It is worrying awaiting results, your mind always imagines all sorts of things.  But am sure it will be ok.  I am having radiotherapy at the moment, so nearly at the end of treatment.  I wish you all the best xx

  • Ah so glad you near the end of treatment and doing well.

    The waiting is hard isn’t as you sat your head iimagines the worse.