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Hi everyone,

I have just been diagnosed with non specific estrogen positive, her2 positive grade 3 breast cancer. I’m not really sure what that all means but have been told the her2+ means it gives more treatment options. It presented as a fibroadenoma so both ultrasound drs and the consultant thought it was benign so it’s a bit of a surprise. Has anyone else had similar? They’re saying the treatment is chemo and then they’ll remove the lump and then radiotherapy but they’ll know more once I’ve had the mri and mammogram as I’m only 39 so they didn’t do one. I’m petrified, I have small kids and I’m so worried.

Thank you


  • Similar but I’m HER2 negative, I found the lump and even when mammogram it didn’t show it, MRI showed another lump. Had lumpectomy on Thursday and 57mm removed. Recovery well I’m just back from 6k walk, surgery is not as scary as you think and I’m surprised how well I am already. Back next week for treatment plan. Patience is the key I found lump end of July and that’s me just had surgery, there is a lot of steps in between.

    take care 

  • Hey! I was diagnosed today with Her2 grade 3 breast cancer. My GP thought it was fibrous so it had all been a bit of a shock. I’m having chemo, full mastectomy ( as it’s larger despite not showing on last years mammo) followed by radio. Hang in there. Sounds like we’ve got one of the ‘good’ ones as it is so common and heavily researched.  I’m with you on this - being petrified is ok - I’ve been there for the last two weeks. 
    Just keep breathing one breath at a time - we can do this x 

    • Sorry to hear you’ve had the same news, you kind of get your hopes up when everyone is so sure it’s nothing bad. Mine is 32mm but they’re saying they want to shrink it with chemo and then do a lumpectomy for now but I really won’t know anything until I’ve had the mri and mammogram. I hope everything goes ok for you, I feel a bit less alone that it’s not just me oddly. 
  • I’m pleased you feel a little less lonely. You are so not on your own. I’ve been waiting for the CT and biopsy results for two weeks and it’s nearly killed me. I know how you feel. We can do this x 

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    I’m sorry you’re having to go through this hun. I too am young only 36 and have grade 2a breast cancer. I was told my lump was a tissue thingy but then had cancer diagnosis. After the second op they told me it was twice as big as thought. But positive to take away is they are soooo good at their jobs and you really are in the best hands.


    I know it’s not the same exactly as yourself, but Im due chemo very soon then radiotherapy with my 4 kids. Two being 2 and 8! It’s ok to be sad infront of the kids occasionally too xxx im hidingmost my emotions but I think it’s just a life lesson for the kids too (depending on age) I have older teens too.


    Good luck and if you want to chat I’m here x

  • I think having small kids just makes it extra hard doesn’t it. I’m mostly worried about leaving them at the moment. Ive not told them and won’t until I start showing signs of being ill, they won’t understand it anyway but think you’re right you don’t need to hide your emotions in front of them.
    Same for you if you need a chat just pop me a message any time x

  • Thankyou 

    I Will remember this, it’s going to be a seaside current of ups and downs I think.

  • Im 28 with a 8 year old and 3 year old , I’ve had my mastectomy and will be starting chemo on the 24th I am absolutely terrified and just thinking the worse like we do . Having young children and being young myself is the worst feeling ever the guilt I feel with my girls having to watch me become ill soon is just a sickening feeling I can’t shift :( such a scary time , but the operation I agree is not as scary as you think ! Hoping I can say the same about the chemo soon xxx

  • Hi  

    I had oestrogen positive (ER+) , but my friend who was diagnosed shortly after me had ER+ and HER2 +.  The HER2+ means that chemotherapy is a definite, which will hopefully shrink your tumour a bit before the operation.  By the sound of it, you will be having a lumpectomy (also known as wide local excision), which myself and my friend had.  For the ER+ part, you will be receiving tablets - probably tamoxifen as you're likely not to have gone through the menopause yet, given your age.  You will be on them for 5 years - but maybe longer up to 10 years, again due to your age.  My friend and I were in our 50's when we were diagnosed, so we were on anastrozole for the ER+ bit.

    After the operation and a bit of recovery time, you will also be having radiotherapy.  The radiotherapy part will be easier than the chemo. part, so don't go worrying yourself silly over that.  Just remember to drink lots when undertaking radio.  It really is a must to prevent fatigue.

    The grade 3 is the based on how fast it grows.  The stage depends on the size and spread. If it hasn't spread to your lymph nodes and it's quite small, it might only be a stage 1 cancer (which is great!).  I had 54mm of pre cancerous cells (DCIS) and 15mm of a grade 2 ER+ tumour.  I had 80mm removed from my breast, but even with that amount taken out, I was still only stage 1 and I am now 6 years post diagnosis.  

    I can understand why you are petrified, but the treatment has developed much more, even in the last 6 years - so much so, that I am sometimes out of date! so this is all good news and survival rates for breast cancer are huge!

    The waiting and worrying about 'what ifs' was for me the worst bit of it all. 

    I do hope your chemo. goes well and you aren't too ill from it. 

    Kindest wishes, Lesley

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  • Thank you so much for your message, mine is 32mm or at least it was at the biopsy 2 weeks ago. I’m just trying not to spiral into what happens if it’s spread but it’s really hard not to worst case scenario it at the moment.