Radiotherapy after effects

Hi everyone

Had my 1st radiotherapy today.  Wasn't sure how I would feel/react afterwards and wondered how it affected others.

Since coming home my head has felt woozy and all I want to do is lie down and snooze.  Could just be delayed reaction to the whole thing?

  • Hi, haven’t started mine yet but have heard of this and the increased fatigue. I think someone said drink plenty, but I’m not 100%. I’m sure someone will be able to advise soon. X 

  • Hi Chisi welcome to the forum.  I would be surprised if fatigue from radiotherapy had kicked in after one session but I suspect that like most of us you will not have Been sleeping well for a while That's not surprising with all that happens for you. Fatigue during and after radiotherapy are common and it's at such a level for some that lying down is all that you can do. Have they said to you drink plenty of fluids? That was one of the things they said to me and boy do they mean drink plenty fluids! It's better before and after the treatment daily so the more you can drink the better it hydrates the skin and keeps skin in good condition during treatment.  My fatigue kicked in about day 10 as I had 20 sessions in total and its best to listen to your body and rest up as you are able Hearts️ hope that's of some help and sending huge big hugs your way for now.


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  • Hi

    No, no one said  anything about drinking though I do but not as much as I know I should thanks xxx

  • Hi Chisi try and drink copious amounts of water before and after the radiotherapy,  I promise you it helps.  


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  • I think the worry about it and the journey is exhausting. Tiredness does build up over the 2 weeks after your last treatment and then settles over 6 weeks or so. Some don’t find anything at all. Drink well. Moisturise your skin well. Don’t forget the exit zones of the rays on your back too. Hope it flies by and you have few side effects.

    oh, and don’t forget your stretches and exercises. The Christie has a great YouTube called radiotherapy exercises for breast cancer. Try to keep your arm movement so the inflammation doesn’t tighten and restrict you. I needed to do these a lot in the first few months and carried on for about a year in the end or whenever I feel a bit tight in my chest or shoulder. X