Waiting Times

Hi I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer  - prognosis I was told was good - lumpectomy,  sentinel node biopsy, radiotherapy and hormone blocking therapy plan.  I am good with all of that and feel lucky that the lump has been found and a treatment plan is underway.

However I am struggling a bit with the waiting times - its now 45 days since my first referral, and I have just been told there are no openings for surgery during November - which means it will be a minimum of 74 days.  With all the information I can find suggesting that 62 days is the recommended maximum, it has me worried and wondering if I should empty the piggy bank and go for private treatment - just a bit concerned that if the diagnosis form private comes up with something else that the costs would escalate.  Has anyone else had experience of going down the private route because of waiting times?

  • The waiting is the hardest isn't it. If you are worried then maybe speak to your breast care team. I had a similar diagnosis. My lump was found through my mammogram so lumpectomy, radiotherapy and hormone treatment. I was diagnosed on 5th September and there were delays for surgery due to my consultants backlog through the strikes. I had my pre-op on 28th September and expected to get my date of surgery then but that didn't happen. My mum died around the same time so I was pretty stressed and called the hospital. My consultant called me back and was very reassuring. At the time he didn't think he would be able to fit me in until end of November and my hubby suggested private but the consultant said from a surgical point of view he really didn't think that was necessary. Anyway I ended up getting a date of 14th November then last week they called to say did I want to come in on the 7th instead. I do hope your treatment goes well.

  • Hi

    I was diagnosed last July the waiting times were unreal and was sending me crazy with all the what ifs. 

    Finally after the last mess around with wrong appointment dates etc I went down the private route. The care is 2nd to none no wait times straight to the point. Although I had the opportunity through work I was Insured. Sadly not everyone is the cost is ridiculous but the care is brilliant I was very lucky. I hope this helps