What happens next

Morning lovely people. This is probably a really silly question but. I saw the oncologist last week who said hormones for 5 years and 5 sessions radiotherapy. My GP will give my prescription and all follow up’s regarding meds.

Do I need to see my GP to get my prescription? and what is a reasonable time to wait to get my prescription? . I have heard nothing from the surgery and it’s been a week now



  • Hi Leesland123 when my consultant put me on hormone therapy a few weeks ago he contacted my doctors surgery who then contacted me within about a week to say my prescription would be sent to my chosen pharmacist. If you are concerned it might be worth contacting your surgery. Good luck with your treatment.

  • Hi, I went to see my oncologist on Monday who did prescription there and sent in to pharmacy in hospital for immediate collection. He then contacted GP to start repeat prescription for me to continue the course. I think they are pretty quick sorting, hope this helps. 

  • Thank you. Everywhere seems to work differently. I contacted by GP today and they have not received anything from the oncologist Pensive

  • I was told by my nurse to chase the GP / check up that they had received the information. The hospital gave me some Letrazol when I was there because of my long wait, but said often the message doesn’t get through to the GP and for me to chase it up two weeks before they ran out