radiotherapy skin treatment

Hi everyone

Tomorrow I start radiotherapy and I believe we have to use a special shower gel and a moisturiser.

I was thinking of Simple shower get and I have Zero Base moisturiser, are these ok to use?

Could someone tell me what they recommend/use?

Many thanks and hope all of you are keeping well. 


  • Hi

    I wasn't told about any 'special' shower gel or moisturiser that I should use when I had radiotherapy. I was told to use a moisturiser, like E45 twice a day, which I did.

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  • Hi

    Yes I was told that so there wouldn't be any perfume or such in the shower gel, I have E45 too.

    thanks, keep well xx

  • Hi

    i am starting radiotherapy next week, the products I have seen people using on this site is, E45, Aveeno and also Moo Goo. When I see something  mentioned on this site I write it down in my little book find this helpful.

    Best of luck with your radiotherapy xx

  • I too am on the E45 club and simple shower gel. Doctor prescribed flamigel when I had a bit of reaction

  • Hi, I start radiotherapy next week and was told to get some Aloe Vera gel to use afterwards.  I also use Aveeno now.  Was not told about any special shower gel though. Hope your radiotherapy goes well xx

  • It maybe you need to have unscented to avoid irritation if skin gets broken or sore. 

  • my centre has suggested saline water with face cloth after every treatment Flushed and suggests i can make it every day

  • Hi Chisi,  good luck on your upcoming radiation.  I would stick to very basic things and probably skip the shower gel as don’t want anything drying or irritating.  I live in US and think a good non soap cleanser would work.  I did use Avène products and worked great for me but there are many great moisturizers and Aveeno moisturizers are great and reasonably priced.  Pat dry the breasts, no rubbing!!  Take care.



  • Great advic re rubbing thanks.  Also got Avene shower gel but now I'm thinking just to not use anything in tgat area.  It's only for 1 week so folk will just have to put up with smelly me lol 

  • I love Avene products and if you call up their customer service they can tell you if that product is suitable.  Would not use if not fragrance free and super gentle.  The product I used from them to cleanse my skin during radiation was wonderful so gentle but they don’t make it anymore.  Boohoo.  The moisturizer I used was from them too it was Cicalfate restorative protective cream.  A real gem and my skin looked super after 3 weeks radiation and a 5 day boost.  And that is from someone with super sensitive skin who can break out with eczema if you just day the word.  Personally I did use the cleanser because the Cicalfate was a little thick and it just felt better.  Always had my back to the shower so the water just gently flowed.  Take care and you will be fine.  Moisturizer is your friend and just listen to your body.