Please can anyone share their experiences good or bad with Paclitaxel, I am due to start this drug on my next chemo session and am hoping for some feedback from others who have had it.

All my experiences so far with treatment have not been good, I'm halfway through now Slight smile  but as always dread the next lot and how it will make me feel.

Thanks. Liz

  • Hi Liz,

    I started with EC, then went on to weekly doses of Taxol (which is the same as Paclitaxel) for 12 weeks. Personally, I found that Taxol felt like water going in after experiencing EC and the immediate side effects were much lighter. It had side effects, but compared to EC they didn't feel as big of a deal.

    For me, it mostly tried to affect my nails and my hospital warned me that it dries out the skin too. I had a strict regime of massaging cuticle oil on hands and feet twice per day, moisturising my body daily and a mani/pedi at home with silicon-enriched nail polish every week (which honestly, I detested by the end of it as it was so time consuming!). I also wore ice packs on wrists and ankles during chemo to try to protect the nails. At the end, my nails were all in tact although my toe nails did start to bleed a bit towards the end (sorry if that's gross!). I lost my hair during EC, but the fuzz already started to grow back during Taxol.

    What treatment type did you start with? It's amazing that you're already half way through, fingers crossed the last half will go quickly and you'll soon be saying that chemo is done! When is your first lot of Paclitaxel due?

    Take care x

  • Hi,

    I also stated with EC but had really bad reactions to it so am already worring about how the next drug will make me feel.

    I'm pleased to hear it wasnt as bad for you, Yep lost my hair too, I have a wig but prefer to use scarfs to cover the baldness which I am slowly coming to terms with..!

    My next chemo is the 6th November and if all goes to plan it will all done and dusted by the New Year Heart eyes

    Thanks for repling, where are you with your treatment?


  • Hi, just want to emphasise what Rose222 said about toes and to take care of your feet. I got fungal infections, an existing ingrowing toe nail became worse (now surgically removed) and some neuropathy in my right foot. I think black nail varnish is supposed to help. I didn't discover this until afterwards. 

    You are nearly there, go with the flow and all the very best x

  • Thank you, I will look out for some black nail varnish, as its close to Halloween I might find some.

    Will make sure I take better care of my feet during treatment, thanks for the tip..


  • I finished chemo at the very end of 2021, so in a similar way to you (but two years earlier), it was nice to start a new year knowing it was behind me, even if I still had an operation and radiotherapy to come in 2022. Now my treatment is all finished and I'm lucky to get to enjoy the good life ;) 

    For the nail products, there is a company called Meme which has a great range of nail varnishes in pretty colours and other products for cancer patients that I was a big fan of. They are mostly natural and the varnishes are silicon enriched and block out uv rays which protect them, so it doesn't have to be only black. There are probably other companies out there too if you have a look, but I only have experience with Même.

    Wishing you the best of luck with the next steps and that you tolerate the treatment well, you got this!


  • hi there, i am on second dose of taxol, same drug just short terminology. i was so stressed about starting it because of possible side effects, but so on first one.

    i felt fine the next day, thought this will be good, but then two days later and some gastrofil injections later, i ached everywhere, feet, ankles, knees, hips, everything started hurting, and it lasted about 4-5 days, i took pain killers they didnt help, and yes hands and feet were so dry, i moisture them regularly, probably not enough. i also got numb tingling in fingers and feet a bit. and had some stomach pains.

    talked to onco about the pains and hands, was given gabipentin for nerve pain and some codeine pills as the over the counter pain meds didn't touch my aches.

    round two, they watch you really close for first 10-15 mins as this is usually when allergies show, i was fine, nurse was chatty, we compared dogs. again next day felt fine, and day three some aches, but the gabipentin seems to help a bit, and i have taken a couple of codiene pills,i tend to take maybe twice a day, morning and night to avoid possible bunging. but the second round seems to be less brutal for me, a bit achy, and tired and of course dry, will put nail varnish on toes today to lock in moisture.

    good luck, and i am hoping to be done radio mid janFingers crossedRaised hands

  • Thank you, I will look into Meme.


  • Thanks for the info,.

    why did you have gastrofil injections is that part of your treatment. Poor you it doesnt sound very nice. 

    Are you having chemo and radiotherapy?

    Fingers crossed for you xx

  • the gastrofil is to boost white bloods after chemo, some people get a one shot solution, mine is 5 days starting two days after chemo, been doing it since the first rounds of ac chemo, similar to ec, had the same shots, but no bone pains then.

    and yes 15 rounds radio after chemo, thats my xmas gift SobJoy

  • I am not sure yet if I'm having radio as well, at first they said it would only be radio but my test came back from America and it was 34 so I needed chemo Cry 

    Chemo sucks thats all I can say...... Do you get side effects from radio?

    15 rounds is alot...! Not the Christmas pressie anyone wants eh...

    Good luck x