First wobble today

Hello everyone ,this is my first post and it's because I am having my first proper wobble today .I was diagnosed in August and have had my second EC chemo last Thursday. The plan is 4 EC ,then 4 Docetaxyl(not sure if spelt correctly?.I decided to try cold cap and for first 3 weeks didn't lose any hair .However since last Thursday ,it has started coming out non stop ,tToday is the worst  and I was in tears in bathroom with a never ending load of hair coming out .I must have lost half in the last few days so gutted the cool cap doesnt  seem to have worked .I moved a couple of years ago and don't really have a trusted hairdresser that I could contact to give me a short cut to save longish strands coming out and getting everywhere, so am just tempted to take scissors to it myself .Have felt pretty much OK physically with the chemo but this has floored me

  • Hello Caff1. I've not long finished my chemo had 6 sessions of doxetacel lost my hair on the 2nd session. I was absolutely heart broken when it fell of over a couple of days. I had long hair. Finished chemo about 4 weeks ago and my hair has started to grow back. I'm here if u need to talk. Xx

  • sorry to hear the cold capping is not working hugs, it was not an option here and i never did get around to cutting my hair because i was maybe in denial? 

    anyway i know how you feel, second dose my hair just decided to abandon me, it had me in tears, i knew it was going to happen but you are never ready for it, i took scissors and cut mine myself just short and choppy, also kind of buzzed the back of my head, because i couldnt stand the giant clumps.

    i currently have hmmm, 20% of hair and its fly away, which just cant be bothered to shave or cut, i may as it seems tobe getting longer on taxol and making wigs slippy.

    hang in there, not alone and you are still you and it will grow back (they tell me )

  • Hello....

    You're entitled to a wobble. Sending a big hug. I'm pleased you feel  the actual chemo is going well. I am hoping that continues. What a disappointment that the cold cap hasn't worked? I shouldn't have it on future sessions as your hair is going. Instead of a short cut, why not get a friend to shave your head but have a pretty turban ready to put on once it's done. My OH shaved my head and I had so many compliments about the turbans. I bought a selection online to match my favourite clothes. Losing your hair can feel traumatic but it will regrow and I needed to have mine cut exactly twelve months from the day it was shaved. Treatment had all finished by then too. This was eight years ago. The treatment can be mentally hard but in my case it was successful and I have been clear of cancer since 2015.

    If you wobble again, try posting on the Awake thread in General discussion. The contributors there have so much experience and empathy , you will find s lot of advice if you need it.

    Take care and I hope all goes well for you.

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  • Hi Caff1, sending you a big hug.  I also had my second chemo session last week.  Despite cold capping on the first session, my hair started coming out in week 3. I was fortunate that my hairdresser could cut it from a bob into a pixie cut when it did.  I also had a wobble and was in tears for a few days.  I felt so ugly as I’ve never had short hair and it coming out in handfuls is just horrible.  I felt like I was grieving for my hair, for the reality of chemo, and for no longer being able hide what I’m going through.  But after a few days, I’ve got used to my new look and the new reality of losing more hair daily.  I have a few lovely beanies and turbans to cover up when I need to - and some wonderful friends who keep telling me that it doesn’t look too bad.

     I’m going to carry on with the cold cap as long as I can, in the hope that it’ll help quick and strong regrowth.

  • Oh thank you everyone for your replies . I felt I was coping so well with the medications and it all comes down to the hair loss that brought all the reality smacking me in the face .You really are all such a huge support xx 

  • Well as an update ,I did take the scissors to the hair on Monday. Maybe the hacked about look will be fashionable ! Still hair coming out but at least not such long strands everywhere. Patches on the top of head although fringe and back have survived for now anyway. I do wonder if cold cap wasn't put on correctly as I am only the second person at the hospital to have it ,and there is always a bit of a huddle of nurses consulting the instruction book to see what they need to do .Anyhow, took positive action today and have been to a wig shop at Southend where the people are lovely and I have a really nice wig .I will decide before next chemo whether to still do cold cap .I felt a bit crappy yesterday with stomach upset plus the hair loss that distressed me .Feeling better today and happier that I am now able to put wig on to look more like me

  • Hi, I see you are shopping in Southend, so am presuming you are having chemo at Southend hospital. I had mine there and there was at least one nursing assistant who specialised in cold capping. I kept about half of my hair and never actually had to wear the wig which I was GIVEN and fitted for at the start of my treatment. Things might have changed but I would have thought you would still be given a wig. Ask at the Macmillan centre (ground floor under tower/snake building). Also take advantage of all that Macmillan has to offer especially the beauty/pampering sessions. Sign up as soon as you can as they are very popular. I had a very positive experience with Macmillan,the chemo centre and everyone in the hospital was always so kind and caring. Yes, if you read my profile you will see that mistakes happened but one positive I remember from  those Cancer days was the care and love that surrounded me on all sounds. Even in the Leigh Cook shop one of staff  who on being told by my daughter that my bleeding nose was a result of chemo nominated me for a years substantial discount on all Counts ok products, apparently staff get to nominate someone each year.

    A long text but I hope you find it reassuring. Good luck xxx

    Ps the Roslyn hotel beauty spa do expensive but lovely massages for chemo patients. Maybe a good Christmas present 

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    Sounds =sides

    Discount was on all Cooks products and was I think for a very  generous 40%


  • Hiya ,actually I am at Broomfield Hospital Chelmsford but the wig shop at Southend is the one nominated by the hospital tonuse the prescription .Had to pay (I think ) £79 but nhs prescription then covers up to £300 .

  • Oh mine was free but things change. Hope Broomfield chemo unit is as supportive as Southend. Wishing you all the very very best xxx