Catching a cold/flu during chemo

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Should I go to the doctor over a minor cold ? After my first chemo, I caught something from my kids and I ended up in hospital with zero immunity.  So I now take the immunity boosting injections.  Unfortunately I have caught something again, I have a sore throat, headache, just like last time before I ended up in hospital.  But this time I have had the neupogen filgrastem injection … not sure if I am remembering the name correctly .  Anyway, I am now very worried that I’ll end up in hospital again and wondering if it is worth going to the doctor to maybe get some antibiotics or something as a prevention … or just wait to see if I will actually get a fever and then go … 

  • As if chemo isn’t enough you poor thing! Kids are germ bucket’s aren’t they!? I always say if in doubt do! Go see your GP… hmm or ring nurse I guess . Kissing closed eyes 

  • ring nurses, nit sure antibiotic will help, but they can check bloods

  • Sorry you are feeling sick.  Kids bring everything home!!  I would definitely call and see what they recommend.  Antibiotics won’t work for a virus though but good thing to be proactive.  Hope you feel better .  Hugs to you.



  • I would call your red card team and see what they say. I got parainfluenza after my second cycle of docetaxel. Floored me for about ten days. When it started I got sent to hospital and had antibiotics and bloods done. Fortunately not sepsis but came back positive for flu

  • Hi Iman, yes there are lots of nasty bugs around at the moment. I know it’s not standard practice anymore to test for covid but it might be worth checking. The reason I mention this is because I caught covid on my last round of chemo. As I tested positive I was given anti virals to help. I know generally now we don’t have to report positive test results but if you are immunosuppressed it’s best to so they can give you appropriate treatment.

    Wishing you all the best

    Hugs from cuffcake x x x x x

  • Thanks everyone, I’ve come to the doctors to get it checked out 

  • How did you get on. Hope all ok x

  • Hi, I worry they tested for covid and flu, I don’t have , but I’m still sick and last night I got a fever , just hoping I don’t end up in hospital… I am finding it impossible to not catch stuff during chemo when I have kids.