Newly diagnosed grade 3 idc and high grade dcis

Also in one lymph node under my arm shown on ultrasound and biopsy results from there also. I’m 38yo and can’t believe it is happening to me. 

My next appointment is Friday for a contrast mammogram. Presumably this is to determine whether they can do the lumpectomy or whether they need to do a mastectomy?  

Please can you share some positive experiences as I’m just convinced I’m going to die now and whatever they’re going to put me through next well everything just sounds horrific 

  • less and less women are dying from this, try not to cross those bridges until you have to, i had grade 3, 3.2mm lumpectomy, and sentinel.  all of this is hard, but im almost done chemo andi know its annoying when people say u have to remain positive, but it helps the outcome Hugs,i know its hard but we have to see life after this. hang i. there, lots of good support on here where people have been where you are, are where you are and well passed it hubs

  • There are lots of survivor stories out there. Shine is a charity for younger women with cancer. For hope, look at Penny Brohn and canceractive. There are other supportive charities too. It’s always such a shock at the beginning and it’s so normal to have every possibility passs through your mind. I found calling the Macmillan helpline so helpful, just to let it out. Saying my fears somehow took the power out of them.

    amongst positive things we can do for ourselves, regular exercise and resistance training improves outcomes. If you can learn how to relax through meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, working in the garden or whatever suits - that helps us too. I was a bundle of stress and fear at the beginning, but have learned the benefit of yoga, growing a few veg and even wim hof’s free YouTube’s. 

    you will find your way ahead, even though it seems daunting at the moment xx

  • Hi Lis997

    Welcome to the forum and I am sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I  was diagnosed with breast cancer with lymph node involvement over three years ago and after chemo, surgery and radiotherapy I made a full recovery.  I didn't have too many side effects during treatment, mainly I just felt tired.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your treatment,

    Best wishes


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  • Thank you for your replies. I am hoping they will know more of what’s going to happen next after Friday and when. I am very conscious of the area and can’t stop worrying.