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Well I had my consultant check following lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node surgery in September.  My consultant was pleased with the operation and said they'd got all the mass with good margins Slight smile He recommended 1 week of radiotherapy and 5 years of medication - all expected.  He also mentioned that he had sent for GEP tests to America and, depending on the results, the Oncologist may recommend chemo too.  I was a bit shocked and all questions left my head!  Is this just precautionary?  Anyone got any details - I don't want to Google!  Thanks in anticipation.  

  • Hi JPP60 welcome to the forum. The test you refer to is also known as oncotype testing and will determine if chemo is required or not. Please DO NOT GOOGLE. Google is great but is so generalised and not specific enough but the tests sent away are specific to you and you alone. 

    Can I be cheeky and ask your age and what type of results that you got from the operation? xxx


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  • Thanks Granny59!  I've just turned 60 and my consultant said they got all the cancer with good margins and lymph nodes were clear.  Hoping this means that this oncotype testing is just precautionary!  

  • Hi I'm 50 was 49 when diagnosed and I had oncotype test done on my lump after successful lumpectomy and clear margins no nodes.  It is used to assist your team in deciding further treatment.  The oncotype test will bring back a score related to the chance of recurrence. Anything below 15 it will likely be radiotherapy recommended. Between 15 and 30 there is a discussion to be had as to the benefits of chemo alongside radiotherapy and over 30 chemo will likely be offered. I had a score of 29 so when we had our initial oncology appointment chemo was highly recommended and to hubby and I it was a no brainer with that score. So I had 4 cycles of epirubicin cyclophosphamide (ec) and 3 cycles of docetaxel every three weeks. Real shock as we didn't expect chemotherapy being "cancer free" after op. But we got through it and I don't regret our decision. 

  • Your doc will recommend chemo if the ONCO test number comes back over (in my case) 26.