May 2023 Chemo Starters


BecA, PDarlo and Cazza25 here you go a May starters chemo group Kissing heart.

I’m sure more will join and you can share experiences as you go through your journeys.

Hugs from cuffcake x x x x x

  •    ,  has started a May starters group for us 

    We’ve got this and we have lovely people who have previous experience to help support us. 


  • Hi everyone 

    I have my oncologist appointment on 11th May (which also happens to be my 50th birthday!) so I’m guessing I will start chemo towards the end of May. My story so far is in my profile. Thought I’d join this group so we can help each other xx

  • Hi  , I hope you have something lovely on your 50th birthday planned as well as your oncologist appointment. 
    I’ve just written my story so far on my profile too. 
    I’m hoping you don’t have to wait too long to start. The waiting is hard isn’t it. I don’t think any of like the unknown. 
    Have as good a birthday as you can, stay positive and take care x

  • Thank you xx I’m trying to do lots of nice things for the whole month of may to make the most of it before I start chemo. We’re going away for the weekend of my birthday so I’m going to pretend it’s the day after my oncology appt!

    Waiting is truly terrible though I’m finding the waiting for chemo more do-able than the waiting for operation results which was terrifying!

    Have you started your chemo yet? 

  • I am due to start on 9th May 3x EC , followed by 3x Docetaxel plus Herceptin- 3 weekly as long as bloods behave. 
    I am also trying with the cold cap and see how it goes. 

    I agree waiting for results from surgery was awful

    Thats brilliant you have lots of lovely things planned throughout May. Enjoy your weekend away, definitely your prerogative to change your birthday.
    My birthday was early in this journey, so I’m having a second one after chemotherapy and radiotherapy- 

    Trying to have lovely things to look forward to - stay positive x

  • Hi Cuffcake 

    Thanks for setting up the group.
    I start chemo on Wednesday 3rd May. EC to start with every 3 weeks for 9 weeks then Paclitaxel every week for 9 weeks. 
    I’ve just turned 51, married with 2 children. 
    Big hugs Cazza25 

  • Bother didn't mean to report

  • I'm nearly at end of chemo but want to join this thread to help anyone just starting out. Huge hugs to everyone. You got this