Mastectomy with Implant?


I was diagnosed with triple positive BC in April this year at 29 (and being 30 weeks pregnant with our first baby!). It’s definitely been a rollercoaster but I’ve nearly made it through 6 round of chemo and next step is surgery. 
The team have advised me to have a mastectomy on my affected breast rather than lumpectomy because of my age, apparently there’s very little research for long term outcomes in my age group so to be safer, have it all taken off. And I would be eligible to have the other breast done too. 
They’ve given me the options of using my own fat to reconstruct them, or using implants and wondered what peoples experiences were of either. It feels such a big scary decision. 

  • Hi Autumnjane, so sorry to hear of your ordeal, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t come through it positively. Due to your age you may be better on the breast cancer under 50 forum, I’m sure there’ll be more ladies in a position similar to yours. In the meantime wishing you all the best with your pregnancy and treatment. I know it’s easy for me to say, but I’d sort the cancer nonsense out and worry about reconstruction later. There’s no time limit and you’ll get rid of your baby belly residue if you use your fat. I’m 60+ post mastectomy and still considering the reconstruction options. Take care of yourself, stay positive and all the best to you xxxx

  • Interested also in this I’m waiting a mastectomy with tissue reconstruction from stomach. Longer more complex surgery but my kids are 4 & 7 so but easier to manage. Mac million have great info booklets and on here with various options. Good luck x

  • Hi, I had to make a similar decision, which I found very difficult. Chose implant and although it doesn't look like the other one and has no nipple, it's been OK and you'd never know with clothing on. I had cancer in both breasts.