Filgastrim injections

Oh wow felt great after Docetaxal and Phesgo injection, thought yep I can deal with this Better than EC. Then bang start the Filgastrim injections and every thing hurts, skin, muscle, bones, it’s like constant period pains all over your body, can’t get comfy just to sit down. Is there only paracetamol that I can take? Any advice is welcome, thank you xx

  • I hope you got some better rest last night. I was trying to think what helped me and I had some simple electric heat pads which were light weight, and lighter weight covers so there was less pressure on my legs was helpful too. Really hoping you are more comfortable this morning xx

  • Morning Zephyr, thank you for thinking of other helpful aids, I took 1 co codemol, went to bed at 9:30 and slept through till 9 this morning. The aches and pains seemed to have settled to a more comfortable and manageable level, just the lethargic and energy levels to boost a little now although getting a good sleep will of helped. Xx

  • That sounds like a great sleep! Hope your energy levels pick up soon xx

  • I asked my unit if it is was possible to try with 5 as some hospitals only give 5 (I have a friend who had been treated elsewhere) and they said yes ok give it a go as my wbc and neutrophils were good, it made a difference to the migraines particularly, I was the same, couldn’t move off the sofa, I still ached but it wasn’t as bad for me. Ask them for 5 next time around, they are hellishly expensive so better to ask for them to be reduced than not use them off at all possible but needs must!! Xx

  • I also suffered from the Filgrastrim injections. I was due to have 5 after each FEC but I asked if I could have the single dose injection to reduce the number of days I was in pain. My hospital didn’t do the single dose but the pharmacist suggested I tried having them for just 3 days. It worked okay for me, less days of pain and exhaustion and my blood count was still good enough for each cycle to be given on schedule. 
    I did make bone broth for every cycle. It might not have made any difference but I felt better for doing everything I could to help. 
    Hope you can find a way to reduce these problems xx

  • Hi Sept78, thanks I will defo ask if they have the single dose available, it’s worth to ask, if not then I’ll see how my bloods are doing could maybe see about 3 days instead. Xx

  • Thanks- I’ve also seen that many people also seem to only take 5. I’m going to ring them tomorrow and ask if they’ll look at my blood work. The migraines were just excruciating this time and skull/spine pain was worse than childbirth. Xx

  • I was in agony with this injection and my oncology team changed me to a different med (sorry can’t remember the name), as well as reducing the course to 5 days. The difference was amazing without the bone pains, breathlessness and headaches. Ask your oncology team.

  • Thanks Limdimps I will ask onco when I’m next there as these side effects are worse than the chemo. I can only describe my leg and hip pain last night as toothache to my hubby just so he sort of has an idea that it’s constant. Xx

  • Good luck. No one can understand that pain unless they have been through it themselves. Keep going xx