So I have HER2 +3

Think thats it.Op on 21st June then unsure if chemo and radiation.

Anyone had similar??

    1. Not had this buy good luck xx
  • There are other HER2 positive people on here. There are different grades and stages needing different treatments. The common thing amongst them is surgery and herceptin. Some need chemo and radiotherapy and some don't. Wishing you all the best for your surgery. x

  • HER2+ always requires chemo,  s you can't have Herceptin without it. Usually it's chemo then surgery,  but different teams have different plans based on the best treatment. 

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  • Sorry to confuse you Grannyx. I think my brain is not working tonight. London mum of 2 is right. xxx

  • Had Anastrazole for a month. Lumpectomy, removal of sentinel lymph nodes. FECT for 6 cycles, just had 4th cycle. Started Herceptin injections this week. Doing okay. Lost all my hair. Having Radiotherapy then Anastrazole for few years. Cancer free now. No scans, so hoping they're correct as this is all to prevent reoccurrence. I had 19mm Invasive Ductal  Carcinoma, clear margins, nothing in lymph nodes. Jo x

  • Sorry, forgot to say Oestrogen 8, HER2 Positive too . Jo x

  • Thanks hope your well xx

  • Hello there,

    I am triple positive . I have had 2 wide lateral excisions for 23cm tumour and now have clear margins. My original core biopsy didn't diagnose correctly and so my chemo has been post surgery. I have completed 3x EC which, although obviously not very nice, wasn.t half as bad as I had anticipated. I will hopefully start on taxol and Herceptin x3 in a couple of weeks time followed by herceptin for a year alongside an oestrogen inhibitor for ? number of years. I have a chart on the wall with the chemo regime on it and take great delight in ticking each one off!!

    I wish you all the best as you progress through your treatment regime and hope it goes well for you.

    Take care and sending a big hug too xx

  • Sorry, 23mm tumour!