Docetaxal and Herceptin

Hi all, I’ve just finished 3x EC and next week I start the next lot of 3 but will be Docetaxal and Herceptin, I’m seeing consultant on the day too to see if it will be Phesgo injection rather than IV. 
Tbh I’m absolutely shitting it Pensive the actual procedure of it and the side effects. So thought I’d ask the opinion and experience of you lovely ladies. Hope some one can help please and thank you. 
hope all are having the best day that they can Heart

  • Just had my first Docetaxal and Herceptin injection today. Docetaxal was no problem at all for me. Injection into thigh didn't hurt but they did have to do it really slowly as stung. Took quite aong time to afminister. It's doable. She said I was a 'stinger'. You may not be!! We CAN do this!! Jo x

  • Hi,

    I am having Phesgo every three weeks (for a year), initially along with my weekly Paclitaxel (x 12) and have had four lots of Phesgo now.  I did 3 EC before that and this is so much easier than the EC.

    I had a bigger dose of Phesgo on week one which took longer to administer (8 minutes) and it did sting for about 30 seconds but was fine after that.  I did have some joint pain about 48 hours after this, but no pain at all at the injection site.  For the following three I have had a smaller dose which takes about 5 mins to administer, same 30 stingy seconds but pain at all after.  I haven’t experienced any different side effects on the weeks I have Phesgo to the ones I don’t  so am blaming all my side effects on the Paclitaxel!   I asked the first time I had it and the nurse said they inject Phesgo so slowly because it is quite viscous and needs time to disperse or you would have a massive lump if they pushed it in too quickly - they usually time themselves while doing it to make sure they have the rate right.  

    When I have my next Phesgo, it will be on its own as I will have finished with the Paclitaxel so will know for sure if there are any side effects then.

    I know my treatment is slightly different but hope this helps a bit - good luck with it all.

    Tis x 

  • Thanks, I'm only there every 3 weeks for chemo us Herceptin. Due to have it for a year too (18 injections). Is Phesgo the same as Herceptin ie brand name? Jo x

  • Hi Jo, I think Herceptin is a brand name for trastuzumab.  Phesgo contains trastuzumab but also pertuzumab (brand name Perjeta).  My understanding is that both work in slightly different way to block the HER2 receptor and Phesgo mixes them together so the treatment can be given more quickly than if they were given separately.  
    I think I could have a career change to work in a Pharmacy having learnt so much about drugs and side effects in the last few months!
    Tis x 

  • Thank you Jo and Tissy, for your replies, yes I’m not very good with needles but will have to grit my teeth and bare it. Jo I hope the next few days are kind to you, Tissy well done on getting through the chemo treatment, your on the last leg now with the herceptin. I’ll be the same another year of the herceptin once I finish the Docetaxal. I’ve managed the EC not too bad so I’m really hoping the Docetaxal isn’t any worse. 
    Thank you ladies take care Donna xx

  • Had my Docetaxal and Herceptin yesterday. Can't believe how well I feel today. Just a bit tired late afternoon! Jo x

  • Thanks a great and welcomed up date Jo thank you Blush I really hope it continues that way for you, a little nanna nap in the afternoon then. What anti sickness are you taking Jo? Xx

  • Only steroids now. 8 a day! Jo x

  • I try not to sleep in the daytime. Managed so far. Jo x

  • Hi Jo yes I must admit I don’t do naps I prefer to try and keep sleeping to a night time even if it means going to bed a bit earlier like 9:30 ish. How are you feeling are you having no nausea a5 all? Xx