Triple positive invasive ductal breast cancer HER2 positive

Hi all, this is my first post, I've finally plucked up the courage!! I'm 2 weeks into my first of 6 chemo cycles and not feeling as bad as I thought. I expected to walk out if hospital looking like Rolling eyese walking dead (think the kids have made me watch too many zombie films) I was tired and nauseaus to start with and still am tired. I shaved my head a few days after chemo (a no 3) have had it shaveRolling eyesagain to a no 1 now. I didn't want clumps if hair falling out everywhere. It is getting thinner now and I've lost most of my body hair, eyebrows and lashes thinner but still there at the minute. My Rolling eyesnds are a bit tingle and sensitive and my mouth is sore and dry but nothing too bad yet. Next Thursday is 2nd cycle and after the 6th I have surgery and then radiotherapy Rolling eyes is anyone similar to me? Thanks for listening, let's keep strong together Prayxx

  • Hi Nicky12

    Welcome to the forum and sorry it is here we meet because of BC. I am similar to you HER2+ &oestrogen +. I was diagnosed 14 months ago. I have done  the chemo, lumpectomy, sample of nodes removed, radio therapy and am just coming to the end of Herceptin & pertuzumab every three weeks - just two more cycles to go. I am doing well and have my mojo back. 

    It was a lot to come to terms with, as it is fir all of us. My advice would be to rely on your BC team to do their very best for you. They want to make you better and help you through as easily as possible.

    No question is too trivial on here, so ask if you need help or information. There is usually someone along who has been through whatever you are wondering about before you.

    Take one day at a time, keep hydrated and be kind to yourself.

    Wishing you all the best

    Wally Dug

  • Hi WallyDug, thank you for replying, it is comforting to know that someone is in the same boat as me and still being positive. Thank you for your kind words, good luck and best wishes to you too Blushxx

  • Hi Nicky

    Sorry to hear you’ve had to join us in this group. I was also diagnosed with triple positive. I was diagnosed coming up to 12 months this feb and have had lumpectomy, 6 rounds of chemo which finished in September,  5 sessions of radio along with Herceptin injections and tamoxifen tablets. I’m about half way through the Herceptin injections now which I don’t have any problems with. 

    I didn’t fully loose all my eyelashes or eyebrows they just got very thin by round 6 - I could still wear my mascara - just - with a lot of eye linerJoy! still get tired but that is understandable but just take one step at a Time and you can get through this. 

    Happy to answer any questions - you’ve done one of the,what I found one of the most, hardest steps - that first chemo. You can now get into a routine with it all and pace yourself inbetween rounds . Drink plenty of fluids, go for walks if you can  and keep moisturising your skin and nails. 

    hope it all goes well.

    lots of love x

  • Hi, sorry you've had to join this group, but lots of support on here for sure.  I am nearing the end of treatment - chemo, surgery, radiotherapy, Phesgo injections and now on Letrozole.   It can all seem quite overwhelming at first, especially for someone like me who was pretty clueless about anything medical.

    I blogged the whole way through my experience and it helped me a lot.  If you're interested you can take a look. Blog link here

    My core advice - don't Google anything and exercise a lot! Good luck 

  • Hi Nicky,

    I was diagnosed last April with the same, triple positive Her2. I had a 7cm by 10cm lump plus the rest of the breast tissue looked full of cancer cells apparently; also one lymph node affected. I was meant to have 6 rounds of chemo but it was stopped after 4 as I had chest pains. Then I had a mastectomy with reconstruction, then 3 weeks of radiotherapy, More recently I started 9 months of a milder chemo called TDM1 which includes the trastusemab/Phesgo because at surgery they found remaining cancer cells. Had one bone infusion. Now I'm about to start a 10 year journey of oestrogen blockers. 

    The chemo now seems like a distant memory, in fact it all does really, so one thing to hold on to is that you'll move passed it and forget it soon enough. I would say to keep notes of everything your doctors tell you or you want to tell them, notes of any side effects. Let people help you when they offer. I have one friend who makes the evening meal for us on my chemo day, and a couple of friends who can take both kids for playdates at short notice and bring them home again, those things really help. 

    I never lost my eyebrows completely, and my eyelashes only fell out after chemo had finished, but they grew back straight away. My eyebrows I can just fill in using a brush with a bit of brown eyeshadow and it looks normal. I wore a wig that was similar to my hair for work and for my kids as they didn't want to see me bald, but as soon as it started growing back they were fine.

    Good luck with your journey, there'll be ups and downs but you'll get through it.


  • Hi nicky I am triple positive, i finsh chemo next week happy to help with any questions. Best wishes xxx

  • Hi how is your treatment going, I am triple positive and just about to start radiotherapy, what grade was your please, minecwas grade 2 but they could not get clear margins on my dcis so I had a masectomy which I am now healed from. Best wishes xx

  • Hi, sorry it's taken so long to reply. Mine was grade 2 aswell. I really struggled with my chemo, especially when it changed to doxataxel, but luckily it's finished now, I'm 3 weeks post surgery with a lumpectomy and biopsies on 5 lymph nodes, which have all come back negative Clap and clear margins, now I'm awaiting radiotherapy. I'm still on herceptin injections and soon starting hormone blockers. How are you feeling with everything? xx

  • Hi that's good news from your surgery. I start radiotherapy next week. How big was your tumour Nicky. I had a reaction to docetaxol on my hands so was changed to paclitaxel and I was fine. Did you have surgery first or chemo. I have been on hormone blockers anastrazole for 6 weeks and not doing to bad on them. Best wishes xx

  • Mine was er 8 pr 7 grade 2 her2 positive xx